Bobby Berk's aluminum foil hack will make washing glasses and silverware so much easier

Get stubborn stains out with Bobby Berk's aluminum foil hack

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Who knew Bobby Berk's aluminum foil hack can help remove tough stains in the kitchen? While you may not have thought of using this kitchen essential for cleaning, aluminum foil can be the solution to your dishwashing problems. 

The Queer Eye star shared a genius hack on Instagram for washing glass and silverware. The results speak for themselves and we're properly impressed. 

See how to employ this cleaning hack the next time you load up the dishwasher. You'll be left with sparkling utensils and shining dishes.

Bobby Berk's aluminum foil hack

Bobby's hack is pretty easy to replicate if you have some aluminum foil on hand — no need for expensive cleaning supplies. This simple material you probably have hanging around in a kitchen drawer actually has some impressive cleaning powers. 

If you use a dishwasher, you may have noticed water stains build up on your silverware or drinking glasses. These make your dishes look cloudy and dirty, even if they've just been cleaned. These stubborn stains can really be a pain if you're looking for sparkling results. 

Interior design and home pro, Bobby Berk, tested out a simple dishwashing hack where you add a sheet of aluminum foil to the top rack of your dishwasher. Load up the dishwasher with silverware and glass, then run it like normal. 

The end reult is spotless dishes with not a single water stain in sight. Game changer!

How does it work? The foil kicks off an oxidization process where the detergent interacts with the aluminum. The ion exchange oxidizes the tarnish and removes those nasty stains. Science is pretty cool, huh?

If you're running low on foil, you can snag this whopping 125 sq ft. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil online so you never run out. It's a really handy dishwashing tool to have on hand. 

If you don't have any aluminum foil in the house, you can also clean with vinegar to remove stains. Simply wipe down your glasses and silverware with a microfiber towel (these HOMEXCE cloths are highly rated on Amazon) and a splash of white vinegar.

Using aluminum foil may be a great way to clean wine glasses and other delicate items prone to smudges and stains. And that's not the only hack we've learned from the Queer Eye pro. Bobby Berk's stained Tupperware hack is genius for removing food stains from plastic. We also love Bobby Berk's decluttering hack with numbers. He's full of cleaning tips and tricks to make chores easier.

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