The Home Edit-approved way of drawer organization

Make like The Home Edit’s Clea and Joanna with this drawer organization hack

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Just because you’ve put something away, doesn’t mean it’s tidy. We all know those people whose homes look great until the moment you open a drawer or cupboard door, and then the clutter greets you. 

Now you may even be one of those people and if you’re happy that way, we’re not judging. However, if you hanker after a house or apartment with super-neat storage,  you may like a little drawer organization inspiration. And who better to provide it than the most style conscious of home organizers, The Home Edit’s Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin.

All wannabe neatniks will love this drawer organization hack from the professional tidiers, below. It creates a space for each item – here that’s ties – and they can be easily viewed for quick selection for the days when going to the office resumes (or, in the meantime, when a meeting via screen requires smartness from at least the waist up).

Admire the loveliness of this Home Edit-designed storage, below, and check out the other drawer organization ideas we’ve found. There are plenty of other bedroom storage ideas in our dedicated feature, too.

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Yorgewd Drawer Organizers | £10.99 (opens in new tab)
You’ll get two of these dividers each with 24 slots to put your items into if you opt for this buy. The fabric designs are moth, mould and moisture-proof to keep everything in good condition.

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Eco Home Store Large Drawer Orgaziser | £19.99 (opens in new tab)
There are 12 individual boxes in this set including smaller nooks for socks, and wider compartments for bras and T-shirts. If you move home with them, they can be collapsed down for travel.

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DIMJ Drawer Organizer | £19.99 (opens in new tab)
Perhaps you want organizers to suit a walk-in wardrobe as well as drawers? Then how about these geometric designs. They’ll look smart if the pattern’s on show, plus they’ll do a useful job slipped into a drawer. The set is a 12 piece one.

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Like-very 4-Pack Adjustable Drawer Dividers | £17.99 (opens in new tab)
For drawers that are home to larger items, check out these clever separators. Just fit them to the drawer to divide it into sections that suit your stuff. They expand to fit the depth of the drawer.

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HANGERWORLD Honeycomb Storage Divider | £8.95 (opens in new tab)
This great-value buy is made from plastic and just needs snapping together. The hexagonal slots are perfect for socks, pants, ties, and more for speedy location when you’re dressing.

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