Ssssshhhh... It's National Quiet Day

*whispers* What will you do to make a difference?

Newgate mid-century alarm clock
(Image credit: Newgate)

Noise is everywhere around us, all the time, from the time we're woken up by our alarms to the moment we go to bed. To say nothing of everything in between: constant conversation, transport noises, office noises, and then the many noises that happen at home (that washing machine spinning noise, anyone?). Combined, all that noise is enough to tire out even the most sociable and tolerant among us. 

National Quiet Day aims to address this often undiscussed problem of too much noise in our everyday lives, if only by making us more mindful of noise for just one day. Maybe Boris Johnson knew that when he prorogued Parliament...

How can you mark this day? There are lots of ways you can try to reduce noise: maybe you'll set your alarm clock to a gentler, less invasive tune, or perhaps you'll put your phone on silent. It may be that you choose to incorporate a swim or yoga session into your day (see our selection of best yoga mats if that takes your fancy), or may go one step further and start looking for a quiet washing machine

And if you don't really notice or mind the noises around you, you may choose to be more mindful on how noise may be affecting those around you. Who knows, maybe this can be the start of a slightly more mindful, quieter approach to things in general, which we could all do with, right?