Mrs Hinch made us do it! These are the UK's top cleaning product buys

And it's all down to Cleanfluencers. How many of these have you got under your sink?

Cleaning with zoflora
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The whole watching-people-clean-their-already-immaculate-homes-on-Instagram thing, is hardly a new trend. We've discovered the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (thanks Marie Kondo), crowned ourselves queen of clean and joined Hinch's army. 

#cleaning has even taking over some of the big players like #netflixandchill on the hashtag scale. But just how much have these Cleanfluencers been affecting what we buy to clean our homes? Well, as you would expect, a fair bit. 

Research by Airtasker has revealed the top cleaning products that the UK has been buying up as a result. And we can't deny that we have at least half of these stashed under our sinks...

1. Zoflora 

Ah, Zoflora where would we be without you? You can literally use this stuff to clean anything: floors, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery – you can even mix it in a bottle and use it as an air freshener. 

For more of its many, many uses, head over to our our feature of how to clean with Zoflora


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2. Febreze 

Bigs fans of Febreze. They have a load of products now, too, not just stuff for making fabric freshener. There are air freshener sprays, plugs, candles, scents for your car – and the amount of gorgeous fragrances they come in is fab. 

Febreeze fabric freshener

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3. The Pink stuff

This little pot is pretty amazing. It looks cute but it is a cleaning paste that's super tough on stains and is ideal for cleaning ovens, tiles, sanitaryware, anything that needs a proper deep clean. Mrs Hinch swears by it, so we are sold. 

The Pink Stuff

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4. Spray Bottles

Because you can just never have enough. Thanks to Cleanfluencers, we've now realised how many amazing cleaning products you can mix up yourself and stick in a spray bottle. As previously mentioned, Zoflora is great for this, but you can also make loads of natural cleaning sprays from stuff you would find in your kitchen cupboards. 

Check out these DIY cleaning products and hacks if you don't want to be using too many chemicals. 

5. Minky cloths 

Or a Minkeh, as these cloths are more fondly known. It's basically a micro-fibre cleaning pad, that dual sided. You can use it for washing up or wiping down surfaces, plus it has anti-bacterial protection to keep things hygienic. 

Minky cloth

(Image credit: Minky)

6. Bicarbonate of soda 

Most classic cleaning hacks involve bicarb so it helps to have a stash in the cupboard. We've actually rounded up a load of baking soda cleaning tips so go and have a read through that to discover its magical cleaning properties. 

7. Elbow grease

Ideal for getting rid of oil and grease from most hard surfaces and fabrics, Elbow Grease is a big time winner amongst the Cleanfluencers. It's strong stuff that can get rid of of excess oil from a car engine, but is gentle enough to remove a grease stain from your beloved velvet sofa. 

Elbow Greasee

(Image credit: The Range)

8. Flash bathroom cleaner

Coming in both liquid and spray form, Flash bathroom cleaner has been popping up on our Instagram stories for a while now. If you want the shiniest of shiny bathrooms that even Hinchy herself would be envious of, this should be your new go to product. 

Flash bathroom cleaner

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9. Tumble dryer sheets

Stick these in your tumble dryer to protect your clothes and stop them creasing, prevent static cling and keep them fresh. They come in a load of delicious sounding scents, too, so take your pick. Plus, you can use them to remove pet hair from upholstery by wiping them over furniture. Smart.

Lenor tumble dryer sheets

(Image credit: Lenor)

10. Dettol All-in-One- spray 

Super easy to use, just spray it on any surfaces that tend to get a lot of use – kitchen worktops, bins, doorhandles, toilets – and it will kill 99.9 per cent of germs. It can also be used on soft furnishings, too, like sofas, pillows and pet beds. 

Detol 2in1 spray

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