Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora adds a new Christmas fragrance

Snap it up quickly! The festive-scented version of Mrs Hinch’s disinfectant of choice is a limited edition

Cleaning with zoflora
(Image credit: Zoflora)

All Mrs Hinch fans know that Zoflora is one of her must-haves. The scented disinfectant is a go-to product for all sorts of cleaning jobs around her home, and pops up regularly on her Instagram feed. 

Now, whether you’ve followed in the cleanfluencer’s footsteps by adding Zoflora to your regular shopping list to keep your house germ-free, or you beat her to it as a long-time devotee of the disinfectant, you can bring a little extra Christmas magic to your home. Zoflora has launched a new Frosted Peppermint scent for the festive season. But you better snap it up quickly because it’s a limited edition. 

The Christmas Zoflora fragrance, Frosted Peppermint, features top notes of candy cane, eucalyptus and peppermint with mid notes of snowdrop and cotton candy on a base of musk, cedarwood and chocolate for wonderful lingering festive scent. The new aroma joins the other seasonal favourites Winter Spice, Winter Morning, Cranberry & Orange, Warm Cinnamon, Festive Fireside and Sparkling Spruce to give you a brilliant choice of fragrances to enjoy this winter.

And not only will your home evoke the Christmas spirit with the new scent, but you can also rest assured that Zoflora has been proven to kill coronaviruses, including the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2), when used at a 1:40 dilution with a five minute surface contact time. 

Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora

(Image credit: Zoflora)

Mrs Hinch’s top ways to use Zoflora

1. For your home to be clean, the things you clean it with need to be kept clean, too. Otherwise? Well, you’ll just be spreading germs around. Mrs Hinch uses diluted Zoflora for cloths, sponges and mop heads. Soak for 20 minutes in the sink, then air dry.

2. Mrs Hinch also has Zoflora at the ready when cleaning a washing machine. She uses it to wipe down the exterior after she’s completed all the other steps of her machine cleaning routine.

3. Where else does the cleaning guru use the disinfectant? Mrs Hinch has shared her bathroom cleaning hygiene regime, and it includes using Zoflora for the toilet. Follow her lead to keep yours clean. Dilute the disinfectant then spray it on to the seat and toilet flush. Wipe clean. 

4. Zoflora is also a kitchen cleaning hack essential for the cleanfluencer. She’s used it for worktops and you can, too. Just dilute one capful of the disinfectant in 400ml of water in a spray bottle or the sink. The diluted solution can be used to wipe down the surfaces. 

5. It pays to be aware of one way Mrs Hinch has used Zoflora that the manufacturers have warned against. Sharing via her Instagram stories, she combined some Zoflora with boiling water. Leaving it overnight, she explained, was her way of testing a new fragrance. The advice from the makers of the disinfectant? Don’t use it with boiling water.

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