Fall porch ideas: 8 autumnal looks for all styles

These fall porch ideas are sure to get you in the autumnal spirit...

fall porch ideas
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On the lookout for some easy fall porch ideas? Of course you are, because now is the time of year when porch decor comes into its own. Sure you might add few spring flowers at Easter, and hang a wreath at Christmas, but fall is when you can really go to town. Whether you want to adorn your home with piles of pumpkins and Halloween decs, or keep it simple with an all white scheme, sprucing up your porch is a fun weekend activity and will be sure to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

We have rounded up some really simple ideas that we have seen on Instagram (wow, people get into fall decor over there) plus some super affordable Amazon buys so you can get decorating. For more fall decor ideas over to our feature. 

1. Go for a minimalist look with your fall porch

Don't worry, we will get to all the over the top pumpkin mountain porches, but we really like this simple, paired back porch decor idea. If you like the idea of adding something seasonal to your front door but want it to stay in keeping with your minimalist style, stick to a very neutral color pallet and add interest with textures instead. A simple wreath, wicker pumpkins and a large vase of dried flowers, plus a scattering of candles is all you need to deck your porch out for the fall. 

2. Pile up the pumpkins (artfully)

You can't go wrong with simply piling up the pumpkins on your porch. Well, we say pile, there is, of course, a very fine art to placing your pumpkins. When you go the patch (or the store) pick up a range of shapes, sizes and colors, then group them together on your steps, larger ones at the edges and dot small ones between them. You could also paint your pumpkins to break up all that orange – how cute are the little checkered ones here?

For all the Real Homes Halloween inspo be sure to check out our hub.

3. Add some eucalyptus into your porch decor 

This is a great fall decor ideas if you live in warmer climes. It's modern, simple but still has a season feel to it. Stick to decorating with cooler colors, rather than the classic oranges and just pop a eucalyptus wreath on the door and arrange white pumpkins around your doorstep. You can find these white pumpkins in most stores but you could also buy fake ones that you can bring out year after year. 

4. Create a rustic vibe on your front porch 

This fall porch idea would work all year round, you could just add in elements to change it slightly with the seasons. To get this rustic, farmhouse look, you want to cluster together pots and planters, the older the better – have a look on eBay for things like old milk cans and pails. Give it at fall twist by adding the odd small pumpkin and hanging a wreath. 

5. Turn seasonal veggies into decorations 

What a cute easy porch decor idea; fill up some zinc planters with pumpkins, squashes and marrows. Fill the majority of the planter with scrunched up papers, wood or bricks so you get some height then arrange the veggies on top. Add in a hay bale and the look is complete. 

6. Make a porch an extension of your lounge

If your porch is big enough to cope with a few pieces of furniture, just keep those pieces to a minimum. All you need to make your porch feel like an extension of your lounge is some seating and possibly a small table for perching a coffee. A compact swing seat works well in smaller porches because they are off the floor, allowing light to flow around it so it won't look too bulky. Decorate your fall porch with cozy pillows and throws so even if the space does feel a bit crowded, it just adds to the intimate feel. 

7. Small porch? You can still decorate for fall

No matter how small your porch, you can always squeeze in some fall decor. With a smaller porch, we would say keep things simple, a scattering of small pumpkins and some orange foliage could be all you need to give the space a fall makeover. If you have seating on your porch, switch out the soft furnishings on that too for some more autumnal hues. 

8. Pick a neutral color scheme 

All that black and orange just not just your vibe? You can still go to town with the fall decor, just stick to a color pallete that matches your home. 'Zombie' pumpkins are everywhere this year – they sound odd but they are grey pumpkins that look so cool paired with the ever-popular white ones.

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