21 of our favorite cleaning supplies for a clean and tidy home

Tried, tested, and loved

A selection of cleaning supplies including Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray, Scrub Daddy sponge and Method Anti-bacterial rhubarb spray on yellow background
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A well-stocked cupboard of cleaning supplies is essential for a well-kept home. And if, like us, you've done your fair share of sprucing, you'll also know that not all products are made equal. From dishcloths to glass cleaners, we've put some of the best-rated cleaning products through their paces and these are all of the ones that can make a real difference to the cleanliness of your space. 

Whether you're freshening up your bathroom or tiny studio kitchen, we've featured all the tools and products you could need to make every surface shine and every room smell like a dream. Think Scrub Daddies and dish wands to make even your least favorite chore a little easier; plus, if you want to use eco-friendly cleaning products there are endless options to keep your routine more sustainable too. 

Scroll to get one step closer to next-level sparkling results and soon, reaching for your cleaning caddy to give everything a once-over won't seem so bad at all.

The best cleaning products, as tried and tested by the Real Homes team

Why you can trust Real Homes Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Real Homes review process — how we picked these cleaning supplies

Cleaning products are so important when it comes to making your home sparkle, which is why we've gone to lengths to test the majority of these products out firsthand as a team at Real Homes

We asked our whole team what their favorite products are (and their reasons why) so that we can show you why we really think these products are worth your money. Those that we haven't had a chance to test in our homes just yet are next on our list, with this list being updated as soon as we can give them our stamp of approval. The cleaning products we have tested are listed as our favorites, and the ones we've not we chose based on customer reviews.

Hear from the Real Homes team below as they chat about their must-have products — and why they are so great.

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Hey, I'm Annie, Real Homes' head ecommerce editor. I've been writing and reviewing for the brand since 2018, and cleaning supplies are one of my favorite things to test. Why? Because when you find a good one, you're set for years to come. Personally, I'll always go for an eco-friendly alternative when shopping for cleaning supplies. Whether that be a biodegradable formula or a plastic-free option, that is. Otherwise, I am obsessed with cleaning my home with vinegar (once I get past that god-awful smell).

Christina illustration
Christina Chrysostomou

Hello, I'm Christina, Real Homes' ecommerce editor. I look after all small kitchen appliances which is a blessing and a curse. Yes, those pancakes, fries, and other gourmet goodies look lovely, but after making and eating these delights — someone's got to clean. So, seeing as my work revolves around food, I like cleaning products that don't smell too strong, and have a fruity or herbaceous fragrance. You'll always find the Method antibacterial cleaner (rhubarb ftw), or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day spray in Lemon Verbena under the sink.

Author image of Nishaa Sharma
Nishaa Sharma

Hi, I'm Nishaa, staff writer at Real Homes. I swear by the entire Method range of cleaning products, but my three staples are the clementine kitchen cleaner, eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaner, and the glass cleaner. The products are all plant-based and biodegradable, so they're pet-friendly and planet-friendly too. The fresh scents leave your home feeling bright and clean, without a hint of chemical smell, and they leave surfaces sparkling. I like to leave the kitchen and bathroom cleaners to sit for about ten minutes before wiping surfaces, and find the scent lasts all day. Plus, the bottles, colors, and minimalist design are so dreamy.

Melissa Epifano headshot
Melissa Epifano

Hey, I'm Melissa, and I'm the editor in chief of Real Homes. Cleaning bores me to death, so products that are generally healthier, eco-friendly, and look good make scrubbing my apartment more bearable. I adore Grove Collaborative, particularly its walnut fiber sponges. These handy sink sidekicks can get crusted-on gunk off any pan without damaging it (and without the use of extra chemicals). I'm also pretty sensitive when it comes to fragrance and rely heavily on laundry detergents from Ecover and Methods that are fragrance-free. They both ensure clean clothes and bedding sans super annoying skin reactions.

Which cleaning supplies do I need for my bathroom?

You'll find that you'll end up with a completely separate cleaning arsenal in your bathroom, with solutions designed specifically to clean this room. Here are the basics that you will need to keep your bathroom sparkling:

- Bathroom cleaner (or all-purpose spray)
- Glass and mirror cleaner
- Stainless steel cleaner (for your taps)
- Limescale remover
- Toilet cleaner
- Mold remover

4 things to think about when buying cleaning supplies online

There's plenty to consider when you're building up a cleaning selection for your home, from where you're going to stash it all to what kind of scents you favor. These are the essential things we keep in mind when restocking your cleaning caddy

1. What does it smell like?
We know there's more to a spray or toilet cleaner than its scent, but at the end of the day, it is still important to like the smell of whatever you're spritzing in your home. Work out which scent profile you like, whether that's fresh cotton, a citrus burst, or something more specific like lemongrass and try and line your products up with that smell, to avoid a headache when you're deep cleaning. 

2. Does it have any eco-friendly credentials?
For a lot of us, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure that the things we buy for our homes are certified as being good for the planet in the long term. There are so many great brands you can invest in that have starter bundles featuring glass bottles and cheap refill programs for when you run out of your favorite cleaners so that you can overhaul your whole set of products. Some of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning retailers include Blueland (opens in new tab), CleanCult (opens in new tab), and Grove Collaborative (opens in new tab).

3. How long will it last?
Investing in a cleaning product that you can only use once always feels wasteful, and isn't good for those who forget to pick another one up next time they're in a store. Using microfiber cloths or mops with washable heads is great for ensuring longevity, as you can throw them into your machine and use them again once they're nice and clean. 

4. Is it made using any hazardous chemicals?
Understandably, people have different viewpoints when it comes to using chemicals to clean their homes. While some won't mind using a stronger cleaner to shift bleach or mold, some want to avoid it entirely. Always check the hazards involved when it comes to cleaning supplies, and prepare yourself with rubber gloves and protective clothing if necessary. 

Wondering where to buy your cleaning supplies online?

Cleaning your home is a pretty personal thing, and you might be searching for a more niche product for a particular area or appliance. Or, you might have more specific needs when it comes to sustainability or products needing to be used around children, animals, and those with sensitive skin. These are our favorite retailers to head to, to stock up on cleaning products for your home.

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