The best Christmas crafts for kids – 8 ways to keep them entertained for hours!

Check out these fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids and get their creative juices flowing this festive season

Christmas crafts for kids Santa craft idea using a plate for a head and wool for a beard with all the things you need on a turquoise background
(Image credit: @hipsterartteacher)

We've compiled the best, easy peasy, no-nonsense Christmas crafts for kids. Christmas is going to look different for us all this year, so while they may not be able to play with their friends, they can embrace the season by crafting some festive creations with you instead. 

From loo roll reindeer to foot print snow men and ice lolly stick sparkly stars, we've gathered the most creative, simple and inexpensive craft ideas that you can do together at home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! For some grown-up craft ideas, check out these DIY Christmas decorations.

1. Create fun reindeer heads with loo roll 

reindeer head craft idea with loo roll and fun antlers

(Image credit: @oceanchildcrafts)

How cute is this mini Rudolph by @oceanchildcrafts?! All you need to do to create these is roll brown paper around a loo roll, cut and stick on the paper shapes for the eyes, nose and ears. Go foraging for real twigs and attach them to the inside of the roll, then use super glue to attach mini beads. They're so fun to make and so effective. Just look at those happy little faces.

2. Do you wanna build a snowman? These mini ones will do just the trick 

Christmas craft project of hanging snowmen decorations with a wooden backdrop

(Image credit: @athomewithmyboys)

Create your own little snowman family with this clever idea by @athomewithmyboys. Simply thread some shabby twine string through three white wooden balls and secure by tying. Use sharpies to draw on the faces and buttons, and use ribbon or pipe cleaners for scarves. We're loving the little pom pom hats too - it really is all about the finishing touches!

3. Decorate wooden Christmas trees - the perfect size for their bedroom

wooden Christmas trees painted by children on a white fireplace

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

These DIY crafty Christmas trees from Not on the High Street are a great blank canvas for them to let their imaginations run wild. Be it paint, felt tip, glitter or stickers, they really can use anything to decorate these little trees and invent their own baubles and tinsel. With three sizes available and starting from the bargain price of just £4.95, they are a complete steal. 

4. Think on your feet for a jolly snowman greetings card

Snowmen Christmas card made from white footprints

(Image credit: @athomewithmyboys)

Get your family together to create this fun snowmen greetings card with your feet! Choose paint that won't harm your skin, and take it in turns to dip a foot in and stamp it out. You may want to do a trial run first as it can get messy! Complete the card with felt tip pen detailing and you're all done! We love this idea by @athomewithmyboys and in years to come, it'll be a lovely reminder of how little they were too. 

5. Color within the lines with these pretty wooden decorations 

Kids christmas bauble decoration kit with wooden baubles

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

This nice and easy kit from Not on The High Street really couldn't be any simpler. It comes complete with all the water colour crayons they could possibly need. Once they've coloured in, add some extra magic with a sprinkling of glitter, and they'll be proud to hang their masterpiece up on the tree.

6. Create sparkly stars from ice lolly sticks

Christmas sparkly stars made from ice lolly sticks

(Image credit:

Don't throw those ice lol sticks away! Collect them up to make these lovely sparkly stars (or snowflakes, whatever you prefer!) This easy peasy idea by is as simple as it looks - glue four sticks together at the centre, paste them with PVA glue and sprinkle the glitter!

7. Create an iridescent hanging mosaic from an old CD

Christmas hanging decorations with stars and moons with mosaics made from CDs

(Image credit: @kavzkuizine)

This enchanted craft idea by @kavzkuizine is so simple yet effective. Cut the shapes of stars and moons out of cardboard and paint them with metallic paint. Carefully cut up an old CD (you may need to do this to protect little ones' fingers) and position them on the moons to create an iridescent mosaic effect. Cut holes in each element to thread string through, and hang from a branch like this for a mystical mobile feature. 

8. Create a Santa Claus wall hanging complete with fluffy beard 

Santa craft idea using a plate for a head and wool for a beard with all the things you need on a turquoise background

(Image credit: @hipsterartteacher)

This cute idea by @hipsterartteacher is a great project for the whole family. To create the beard, hold the end of some white yarn in your hand, wind the yarn around your elbow and back up to your hand five times. Cut the ends you have in your hands and keep the yarn folded. Tie the yarn loops to a stick. Repeat this process until there are seven tied loops on the stick. Then give Santa’s 'beard' a trim! Cut the yarn at an angle on each side to form a point in the centre. 

Then paint the back of a paper plate, and glue or tie the stick onto the plate. Cut the Santa hat out of red card, glue on cotton wool balls and attach to the plate. Use a pen to draw on the face, and tie on some rope for hanging. Et voilà!

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