Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe review —automate your morning beverage with this tried and tested coffee maker

Tired of manual espresso machines? Load the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker with grounds and milk, and it will do the work for you

Three pictures of the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker on swirled brown vector background depicting how to prepare a milk-based beverage
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Real Homes Verdict

Mr. Coffee has done it again. The brand we’ve associated with basic coffee makers for decades has dived into the espresso world, and the Prima Latte Luxe machine makes it so incredibly simple and straightforward to make a delicious espresso, latte, or cappuccino. The best part? It basically does it for you. Put in the coffee grounds and milk. Press a button. Walk away. Your drink is done when you return. My mornings couldn’t be easier.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Makes single and double shot espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos

  • +

    Automatically dispenses both espresso and milk

  • +

    The milk reservoir has a lid so you can store it in the fridge

  • +

    Easy to measure single and double shot scoop

  • +

    Compact machine

  • +

    Adjustable drip tray all sizes of cups

  • +

    Produces impressive espresso crema

  • +

    Beeps at end of cycle

  • +

    Easy to clean milk frother setting

  • +

    Comes apart for cleaning

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Plastic components feel less expensive than price tag

  • -

    Machine takes 3-4 minutes to warm up

  • -

    Some components take a bit of fiddling to line up

  • -

    Wide mouth mug is necessary for both milk frother and espresso shot

  • -

    Difficult to remove espresso puck

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I make a latte every morning and Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is making my obsession a little bit easier. With this latest foray into the espresso world, the Prima Latte Luxe has a fancy name for a fancy but easy-to-use machine. 

This compact espresso maker brews single and double shots of espresso, cappuccino, and latte. I just press a button and velvety frothed milk and perfectly smooth espresso are dispensed in the exact right proportions, right before my eyes.

Before adding this machine to my kitchen countertop, you could have asked me for a latte or a cappuccino, and I would have handed you the same thing each time — milk and espresso, right? 

But they are not the same and now, this machine makes them for me, knocking out the need to figure out how to do the slightly varied processes for each. I’m still not sure of the difference, but I don’t need to be! Mr. Coffee’s got it covered. Single. Double. Latte. Cappuccino. This machine makes it all.

And, before you say, "Doesn’t Mr. Coffee just do basic coffee makers?" Let me tell you, Mr. Coffee is proving they’re so much more. They’ve figured out the recipe for making the best small coffee makers with beverages as good as anything you’ll get in a coffee shop. I haven’t bought a single latte since I started using this machine two weeks ago, which speaks for itself.

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe review

What I thought of the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

I’ve used a Mr. Coffee machine before with great results and I’m always game for an easier way to make an espresso drink, so I was pumped to try out this machine. Once you get the hang of it, it's the easiest espresso maker to use. In the past, I’ve used more manual espresso machines, actively holding the milk-frothing pitcher and hoping I’m getting the right texture. This does it all for you at the touch of a button.

The design is clever, with a two-sided scoop to give you exactly the grounds you need for a single or a double shot of espresso. The filters easily pop into the portafilter. The drip tray adjusts to accommodate everything from your travel mug to a dainty espresso cup. And you can’t beat the milk reservoir, which has a lid for keeping it in the refrigerator. That means you can fill it up once, then have it ready to go for days on end. 

Making a latte using the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

Want a latte? Just hit the button. Want to make it a double? Again, a button. Want to add an extra shot of espresso? There’s a button for that. It’s so incredibly easy. Each drink is creamy and the milk is always beautifully frothed. Even plain espresso has a thick, impressive crema (the froth on top of an espresso).

Clean-up is just as easy, with multiple parts being dishwasher-friendly. My only hiccup throughout the process was wishing there had been a quick start guide to get me up and moving. I’m someone who looks at a booklet full of directions and just wants to get to the end, so having an easy-to-follow quick-start guide is always preferred to a manual. But, hey, maybe that’s coming after this great coffee maker has been on the market a bit longer.

Testing the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker

Heather Bien, freelance writer headshot
Heather Bien

Hey, I'm Heather, a lifestyle and commerce writer based in Washington, DC. The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe Espresso Machine was sent to me by Mr. Coffee, and I tested it out daily for two weeks before writing this review. I tried all of its espresso variations, both on their own and with flavors. A personal favorite? Mint syrup and chocolate syrup.

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe specifications

  • Model name: Mr. Coffee® Prima Latte Luxe
  • Dimensions (in.): H16 x W11.7 x L13.3   
  • Water capacity: 800 ml
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatibility: ESE pod compatible

Unboxing and setting up the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

Unboxing the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe espresso maker came securely packaged in a corrugated cardboard box inside a reasonably sized cardboard box. I didn’t have to dig through an abundance of packaging just to get to my new espresso machine. Instead, I just pulled it out, spent some time taking the stickers off (always so many stickers), took out the red plug from the water reservoir, and then referenced the guide to help put it together.

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker, accessories and user guide on marble worktop

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

The machine is mostly assembled, though you’ll need to put the milk reservoir, water reservoir, and drip trays into place. I found those to be a little bit finicky, and I did go back and forth between the manual and the machine to try to make sense of the parts. I spent a few minutes fiddling with the drip tray before I got it right. The milk reservoir also takes some precision to snap it into place. However, none of these complaints are deal breakers. They're quirks in the design, but you'll get used to them (probably quicker than I have).

Mr. Coffee included everything you need, including the coffee scoop for pre-measured espresso, two filters for the portafilter, and a lid and an extra straw for the milk reservoir. The machine is super and sleek, but one thing that you may notice is all the parts are shiny plastic. This feels a little at odds with the $399 price tag, and perhaps one of the things you wish you knew before buying this small coffee maker. But, the machine still feels solid and looks sleek.

Before you make your first drink, wash the water reservoir, milk reservoir, milk system components, portafilter, filters, and scoop tamp with mild detergent and water. Then prime the machine, which involves filling the milk and water to the max lines, then running a manual espresso cycle and a manual froth cycle. As soon as those finish, you’re ready to start brewing.

Using the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

Close-up of control panel on Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

Back to my earlier gripe, I do wish there was a quick start guide with the Prima Latte Luxe, but, alas, the manual will have to do. It’s detailed, which is great, even explaining the type of coffee to use (freshly ground, fine grind, resembling the size of table salt) or ESE capsules (Easy Serving Espresso), if you want to use it like a pod coffee maker).

To start, turn the machine on. This machine does take a minute to warm up, but there is a progress bar along the control panel that shows you when it’s ready to use. Make sure the water reservoir is filled, and then fill the milk reservoir if you want to make a latte or cappuccino. 

You can fill it to the minimum level if you only plan on making one or fill it to the max if you prefer to have it full and ready to go when you are (use the lid to keep it airtight between uses in the fridge!). The milk reservoir snaps on, though it does take a minute to figure out how to make sure it’s securely in. You’ll know it’s not if the latte and cappuccino options don’t light up.

Decide how much caffeine you need. There’s both a single shot and a double shot filter and the two-sided scoop lets you put exactly the right amount of coffee into that filter. If you want to get fancy, use the no-mess feature, which involves a quick flip of the scoop into the filter. For me, that was a little more trouble than it was worth when making a double shot (single was fine to navigate), but perhaps that’s a human coordination error on my part.

The portafilter takes a strong turn to make sure it’s in the machine, which I appreciate. You know you’re getting a solid seal. You’ll want to move the drip tray to accommodate the size mug or cup you’re using or you risk making a mess of milk an espresso. This piece also takes a little bit of finagling, but, eventually, you’ll learn the right angle to get it in on the first try. In my opinion, the best coffee mugs for this machine are wide and low. You need a wide enough surface that both the milk and the espresso can dispense into it with you having to nudge the cup.

Making espresso

Overhead view of Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

With everything in place, you’re all set to caffeinate. With the clear touch screen, select one or two shots for espresso, cappuccino, or latte. Then press the play button. 

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe brewing an espresso (action shot)

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

The drink cycle runs through on its own and beeps when it’s done (something I take for granted when a machine has it, but notice when it doesn't). I love that I don’t have to go back to the machine between espresso and milk. It just does it all. It's like having my own personal barista in the kitchen. 

View of Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe Brewing Espresso

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

Want to add a little extra something? You can also manually add another espresso shot or manually froth milk.

Frothing milk into a glass mug using the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

One note — I found myself repeatedly forgetting to turn the machine off after using it. Luckily, I must not be the only one. There’s an auto-off feature that shuts the machine off after 15 minutes. It can then be turned back with any button, though, ideally, you’ll turn it off correctly. 

Cleaning the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

A close up of water tank and touch screen on Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

After each use, you’ll want to clean all of the frothing components, run a shot of “espresso” without the portafilter in, and rinse out the drip tray. This machine makes it incredibly easy with a cleaning option right on the milk reservoir. Just make sure there’s a cup ready to catch the extra grounds water and froth.

The milk reservoir, and water reservoir are dishwasher safe, while everything else should be washed with warm water and mild detergent (an unscented dish soap on Amazon will do just fine). And, word from the wise, don’t run the portafilter through the dishwasher. I haven’t had it happen with this machine, but I did once have a houseguest run another portafilter through and RIP to the portafilter — not the guest.

When cleaning any coffee maker, you do want to descale it regularly. Mr. Coffee recommends descaling every 80 uses if you have soft or filtered water, and every 40 uses with hard or tap water.

This can be done easily by putting white household vinegar in the water reservoir overnight, then rinsing it thoroughly, and running a half-full tank of water shots through twice. My colleagues at Real Homes have a whole guide on how to clean a coffee make with vinegar plus a ton of other coffee maker cleaning hacks and coffee maker cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Is the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe right for you?

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe with accessories and glass jar filled with ground coffee

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

If you want the delicious taste of latte and cappuccino drinks at home but also love simple single-serve coffee makers, then this Prima Latte Luxe is absolutely for you. This machine makes barista-level espresso and espresso drinks, but it does it in a foolproof way. There are still a few quirks in the design, but nothing that affects the taste or quality of the drinks.

Mr. Coffee has created a machine that’s easy-to-use and incredibly simple. At $399, it’s pricier than most Mr. Coffee machines, but it’s a steal for an espresso maker with an automated approach. 

Good to know

A latte and espresso made with Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe coffee maker

(Image credit: Future / Heather Bien)

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe has an instruction guide to walk you through how to use the machine for espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes. It isn't available online so make sure you hang on to yours.

A one-year warranty from the date of purchase is included with the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe.

Where to buy the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is a brand-new product that is currently only available through Amazon.

However, if this isn't the right coffee maker for you, we've rounded up good alternatives to mull over.

How we test coffee makers

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe brewing espresso into fluted glass mug with latte on white marble countertop

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We have a set process for testing coffee makers at Real Homes. As is the case with all products we review, we match the reviewer with the espresso maker.

Here are a few things I like to look out for when testing espresso machines:

Water tank: When looking at the water tank, I assess whether it’s easy to fill and whether it’s easy to clean.

Operation: How easy is it to use this coffee maker? Are the prompts/buttons legible? Do I know when the machine is done?

Type of coffee: What type of coffee does this machine take? Is it clear how much product I need to use to make coffee?

Cleaning and descaling: How easy is it to provide maintenance for the machine? This may involve anything from removing coffee stains to getting rid of limescale.

Functionality of features: Here I may look at any standout features. In the case of the Mr. Coffee® Prima Latte Luxe, I noted the ease in making a latte, cappuccino, and espresso, all of which were accurate to their descriptions. The milk frother functionality was a game changer.

Heather Bien
Freelance writer

Heather is a lifestyle content creator and writer who grew up in Richmond, VA, and went on to the University of Virginia, where she studied Art History and Architectural History. She and her husband, Adam, split their time between their condo in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, DC, and their cottage on the Rappahannock River near Urbanna, VA. She loves good food, frequent travel, and a homemade latte.