It's settled — these are the best coffee mugs to get your caffeine in style (and while it's still hot)

Cherish that liquid gold in the perfect vessel

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When I get my paycheck at the end of each month, the first thing I do is trade it in for eye-watering overpriced coffee. Yes, unfortunately, nothing gives me a spring in my step more than overspending on caffeine. IYKYK. And those who get it, get it — coffee does taste different depending on the coffee mug you drink it from. A bit like Diet Coke —which is elite in a glass bottle, don't @ me.

Honestly, when people talk about unlocking core memories in their brain, coffee does just that for me... (cue daydream about my time spent living in France, perched on a bistro chair, sipping on a hot café au lait from a delicate ceramic coffee cup, wondering “why does coffee taste so much better from this mug?”). Somehow, guzzling a latte from a paper takeaway cup on my way into the office doesn’t have quite the same effect. Enter the best coffee cups to enjoy your brew the perfect way.

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1. Tall coffee mugs
2. Unique coffee mugs
3. Cute coffee mugs

Yep, I recently embarked on a mission to fix up my coffee game and stop overspending in coffee shops. My first stop was tracking down the best small coffee maker for my small apartment, and then, of course, it was time to think about mugs. Yes, mugs. One isn't enough when coffee is a relaxing and on-the-move must-have. 

Whether you switch up your single-use cafe cup for an environmentally friendly insulated model or swap out the cheesy “But first, coffee” cup for a trusted tech-first brand, you won’t regret investing in some fabulous coffee mugs. You can't have the best coffee without the best coffee mug, IMO.

These are the best coffee mugs for everything from chilling to commuting

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Tall coffee mugs

These are great for drinking your coffee inside and out, doubling as travel coffee mugs and tall mugs to hold even more caffeine.

Unique coffee mugs

These designs are all unique, to serve guests a cup of Joe in style.

Cute coffee mugs

Last but not least, the cute coffee mugs. Not that the rest aren't, but these are coffee mugs you'll want to showcase on your kitchen countertops.


Why is your coffee mug so important?

I know I'm not alone when I say that how something is presented completely transforms how it tastes. I'll fight to the death that sandwiches cut into triangles are a crime against humanity (I said what I said) and I refuse to drink prosecco unless from a fancy flute (sorry, I'm a bougie queen)... So, naturally, the same goes for coffee mugs. The psychological effects that the aesthetic of your coffee mug has on your drinking experience should not be underestimated. It sounds intense, but it's true (and deep down, you know it!!)

"A good mug keeps your coffee hot, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience with every sip," coffee expert, Kelsey Waddell, from Roasty Coffee explains. "Additionally, it preserves the aromatic compounds, allowing you to indulge in the enticing coffee aroma. Consistent temperature throughout your coffee-drinking session helps maintain a well-balanced flavor profile, and a mug that retains heat longer allows you to savor the flavors and enjoy your coffee at a leisurely pace. It's all about maximizing the taste and fully appreciating your coffee!"

What's the best material for a coffee mug?

The best material for a good coffee mug isn't a one size fits all situation. Firstly, it's important to consider in what capacity you'll be drinking your coffee. Is it easy like a Sunday morning solo sip while staring out the window and pondering life? Or, is it a chaotic caffeine hit to accompany a busy commute? Or, perhaps, it's a camping coffee in the wild. This will help you decipher what's best. 

For indoor sipping, Waddell favors materials like ceramic and porcelain, pointing out that "you're opting for non-reactive materials that won't introduce any unwanted flavors or alter the taste of your coffee. These materials ensure that your coffee's original flavor profile remains unaltered and pure." Heather Calatrello from Shed Light Coffee also highlights doubled-walled glass as a great option: "The glass won't transfer heat to the exterior of the mug, so it is never too hot to hold, and it won't impart any flavor onto your coffee." 

However, when you're on the move or in the great outdoors, you should also prioritize the functionality of your mug, meaning an insulated stainless steel model with a leak-proof cap will be your safest bet.

How we chose these coffee mugs

These coffee mugs were hand selected based on their reviews from real shoppers, and because they are super popular. When checking searches for coffee mugs, these were among the most searched for out there. 

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