Wickes are selling a build-your-own outdoor bar and it's super affordable!

Well, this is a bit of a BBQ hosting game changer...

Wickes build-you-own garden bar
(Image credit: Wickes)

Sure, maybe the weather has turned from scorching to barely warm but it is the UK – what did you expect? That doesn't mean we can't all still get in the garden, eat a load of BBQ food and drink a load of room temperature booze. And where better to do all that than in you own backyard bar?

'This isn't Love Island!' we hear you say, 'Who has the money to get an entire bar built in their garden?' Well actually, Wickes has recently launched a build-your-own garden bar and it's just £300! So if you are looking for a DIY project for the weekend, this is it...

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Wickes build-you-own garden bar

(Image credit: Wickes)

The kit comes with all the timber you need to build this impressive structure, plus all the wood has been treated with 10 year anti-rot, so if you look after it, it's going to last a few summers. You will need to get your hands on your own tools to put this thing together and you will have to do a bit of sawing to cut the wood to the right lengths, but we still think a patient novice could build this bar. 

There are obviously very clear instructions that come with the kit, plus Wickes have put together a super handy video to make things even easier...

Once your bar is up, you can start getting creative with decorating. You could paint it a funky colour (check out our guide to the best wood paints), get some climbers growing around it, string up the festoon lights and of course fill it with a load of stylish cocktail making stuff. Just be warned, you will be expected to host every garden party from now until eternity...

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