We tried the simple water hack to remove creases from bed sheets – no iron needed

All you need is a spray bottle and some water for very impressive results

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If you love the look of smooth sheets, but hate ironing, the water hack to remove creases from bedding is the ultimate lazy laundry tip for you. 

There are plenty of bedsheet crease remover hacks out there to keep your best bedding looking good, using everything from fabric softener to vodka. However, Australian digital creator Chantel Mila, shocked TikTok when she proved that all you need is a spritz of water for smooth sheets. 


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Water hack to remove creases from bedding

In her TikTok post 'three inexpensive ways to make your bedroom look and feel amazing,' the cleaning and home styling expert demonstrated that you can skip ironing your sheets if you give them a spritz of water when putting them on your bed.

A fan of any lazy laundry method, I put the hack to the test on my incredibly crumpled bedsheets. I have a bad habit of not neatly folding and looking after my best bedding sets. As a result, my pillowcases and duvet cover had developed some deep, unforgiving creases.


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It's safe to say I was skeptical that this simple hack could make much of a difference. To make matters harder I was trying the hack on a fluffy duvet cover, rather than the flat bedsheet seen in the original TikTok hack.

I filled a salon spray bottle with water. I opted for a salon-style spray bottle because I wanted to get a really fine mist that would dampen the sheets, not soak them. I brought mine from a local drugstore, but you can pick up a Spray bottle from Amazon for $4.89.

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I put the covers on the duvet and set to work misting the sheets and making the bed. I carefully misted the whole duvet, before pulling it taut across the mattress and tucking it into the sides of the bed.

The creases in my duvet cover ran deep, so I had to run my hand over the bed a few times to help smooth them out. Overall, the process added just two minutes to how long it usually takes me to make the bed, and I must admit I was impressed with the results.


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The water from the mist dried very quickly, in a matter of minutes. The final result wasn't perfect as the deeper creases still lingered, however nearly all the small creases had almost vanished. It was definitely a serious improvement.

I imagine the hack would be more effective with slightly less crumbled sheets. I will definitely be trying this again.

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