Too hot to sleep? Camel wool could be the answer

Could a mattress made with this unusual material give you a sound night’s sleep during the hottest British summer for 40 years?

Halsa mattress

Nobody is complaining about the UK’s scorching hot summer days (until they get on any form of public transport that is). Come bedtime, it can be another, less jolly, story. You’ve probably already ditched the duvet for the thinnest sheet you can find and have the windows slung wide open. But if you’re still waking in a sweat-filled panic, it could be time to check out Swedish brand Hälsa

A relative newcomer to UK shores – its first showroom opened on London’s Kings’ Road last year – this handmade mattress maker’s reputation is founded on superior heat control, with air transference at the heart of preventing a hot night’s sleep. 

'A breathable mattress is best: you spend a third of your day in bed and lose a cup of sweat a night,' says Esra Altan Misztela, Hälsa’s UK founder. 'If your mattress is not breathing, the sweat will stay in the mattress and provides a breeding ground for bacteria you can’t see, but you will sleep in it for years and it’s so unhygienic!' Apologies if you are eating… 

Stay cool with Hälsa’ Småland mattress

Stay cool with Hälsa’ Småland mattress

(Image: © Halsa)

There are currently eight mattresses in Hälsa’s heat-control armoury, each handmade using natural, breathable organic materials. We’re particularly intrigued by the adorably named Småland mattress, which features camel wool (from actual camels). Unsurprisingly, camel wool is known for its heat-balancing prowess, and adapts to searing desert conditions with ease. Great news for camels, but in a mattress, the wool has also been found to help keep you toasty in winter and chilled in summer. Pretty cool, huh?

Hälsa’s double mattresses retail from £1,710 to £5,315.