Walmart is selling a dupe for the TikTok-famous reading chair, and it's $70 cheaper

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You ever have those days when you just want to stay at home, curled up watching TV, with as little effort as possible involved? I do. Clearly, the whole of TikTok does too, as everyone has been going wild for this ultra-relaxing chair posted by @everydaylife328 (opens in new tab).

The Duraspace chair (opens in new tab) has a cup holder and a USB port, so you can enjoy your drink and charge your phone without having to move. It also has a footrest and even reclines, for maximum chillness. The comfy lazy vibes are real here. The TikTok famous chair is unavailable at the moment — but don’t worry, as I’ve found the most incredible dupe from Walmart. Oh, and did I mention that it’s $70 cheaper? Yup, that’s a whole lot of dollars that you can put back in your pocket.

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Just like the Duraspace chair, the RZ Accent Chair from Walmart has a cup holder on one armrest and a USB on the other. You can’t recline it completely like the sleeper bed function in the Duraspace one, but it does recline far back enough that you can doze off comfortably.

I also actually love the style of this option better than the one currently going viral on my FYP. It’s super sophisticated and contemporary and looks more like a regular armchair. Plus, it comes in four different colors — dark gray, khaki yellow, light gray, and navy blue — so you can pick the right shade to suit your home.

I’ve got all the details below, plus a couple of other choices if you don't care about having all those features. Because hey, it’s good to have options.

The TikTok chair dupe, plus two fab alternatives

Cute and practical couch holders

If you don’t feel like getting a whole new chair but are interested in upgrading your current seating sitch with some nifty features, I’ve got you covered. These couch holders are easy to pop on your existing chair. 

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