How to bring modern luxury into your home on a budget, plus chic picks

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I’ve always adored contemporary interiors that just look effortlessly elegant. Add in a spot of luxury, and I’m going starry-eyed for the sumptuous vibes. That’s why I’m obsessing over the modern luxury trend that’s all over my feed right now.

Modern luxury is all about sleekness and chicness. I’m talking clean edges, smooth surfaces, and smart details. The best part? You don’t need to spend a lot or change anything major — hello fellow renters — to get your home oozing opulence.

By being clever about what items you place and change in your home, you can transform an apartment on a budget and create a seriously sophisticated space. If you want to make your interior look fresh and fashionable, I’ve got you. Here’s how to get the modern luxury look without the hefty price tag.

Tips for creating a modern luxury home

Decor is a big part of achieving a modern luxury interior, but before you purchase any new picks, there are a few pointers worth thinking about. Keep the following four tips in mind while you work on completely elevating your pad.

1. Don't clutter the space

The modern luxury style thrives on keeping things minimal and letting the refined colors and shapes do the talking. If you have miscellaneous items that need to remain in the room, go for a storage unit that blends in with the color scheme or that can be neatly tucked away.

2. Keep in line 

Overcomplicated patterns and silhouettes are a big no-no for this theme. Instead, go for no-fuss straight edges and lined patterns. By keeping everything neat and uniform, you’ll end up with a satisfying, sophisticated look that has a wow factor. 

3. Go for chic colors

Monochrome is the way to go for modern luxury. Deep brown, navy blue, cream, and beige also complement this color scheme beautifully. Blend these with metallic silver and gold touches like handles and hooks (if allowed in your rental!) for a polished finish.

4. Use what you have

Assess what you already own, and see if you can update it with a modern touch. That old TV unit can be given a coat of black paint to make a stylish statement. Instead of buying a new sofa, flip the cushions and refresh your throw pillow covers. Innovation is creation.

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