This security camera is reduced to £19.99. Spy on your home – affordably

Use this super affordable security camera to up your home security this autumn. Or to check on the kids... Peace of mind for £19.99!

TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Security Camera: woman eating toast checking on baby cam
(Image credit: TP-Link)

Been meaning to invest in a security camera for a while now? Whether you've been eyeing up the best security camera money can buy or want something affordable to do a simple job, we're here to help. And, as luck would have it, Amazon have reduced the price of the TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Security Camera (opens in new tab) to just £19.99 right now. This compact little camera can spy on your home when you are not there, check up on your pets or even act as a baby cam. The best part? It connects to Alexa, so you can check what's going on using your voice. Downstairs? Spy on what's happening upstairs without doing the steps. In the garden? Check from your smartphone what's going on in the kids' bedroom.

Not only is this security camera great for checking everyone is okay – humans and pets, of course – but it acts as a great burglar deterrent. That and should a burglar decide to break in, you've got the footage on camera. You'll be immediately alerted, too, and you can save the videos. Bursting with features, this camera also boasts a night vision mode, it offers two-way talk and it detects motion very well. That and it displays a 1080p image, it has a privacy mode and it boasts a wide-angle view to see 105 degrees.

What are you waiting for? Soon it'll be dark every day come 5pm. So, if you want peace of mind that your home is safe, this is the most affordable way to get it. And to spy on the kids and pets, of course.

TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Security Camera | Was £29.99, now £19.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This security camera is great. What it lacks for in size, it most definitely makes up for in features.  It offers 24/7 live view along with two-way audio, and it instantly sends motion detection updates to your smartphone. You can connect it to an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device to go hands-free, while you can set a trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors. Not keen on having a camera in your home, watching your every move? You can schedule this one to stop recording while you are at home. This way it'll only pick up on motion or noise when you are out of the house. For £19.99, this is a bargain.

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