These Marie Kondo-approved desk organization ideas are all you need

Sort out kids’ homework or your own home office with these desk organization ideas from the tidying expert

desk organization ideas
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Need a little less chaos and a little more Marie Kondo in your life? A home that’s organized, clutter-free, and that sparks joy is one none of us would turn down, we reckon. 

With kids back at school, many of us working from home, and life still very much unusual, strategies to create a home that feels a calm place to be are more desirable than ever. So, when Marie Kondo shared her fave desk organization ideas on Insta recently, we sat up and took notice.

Want to get inspiration from it, too? We’re sharing it just below, plus we’ve found some top dupes so you can get the look (and the benefits). Check out our home office ideas, too.


EasyPAG 5 Tier Organiser | £21.99 (opens in new tab)
This design has industrial style, but it’s a space-saving take on the look that works brilliantly above a desk so everything’s easy to grab.  Need more space for your stuff? There’s an eight-tier version as well.

X-cosrack Stackable Hanging Wall Files | £28.99 (opens in new tab)
Put these up vertically to create the look Marie Kondo loves, or arrange them horizontally if it better fits your space. They come with space for a label, so you can mark them up for kids if you use them that way, or with the tags you need in your office.

Xpork 2 Tier Hanging Wire Basket | £18.99 (opens in new tab)
Prefer a lighter finish for your walls? This two-tier design in white could fit the bill nicely. The baskets are deep enough to hold magazines, documents, or schoolbooks vertically, too.

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer | £18.27 (opens in new tab)
Colour coding can help you get sorted, and this six pocket organizer has removable file pockets in an array of shades. You can keep plenty in here, too, as each takes up to 50 sheets.

EasyPAG 6 Tier Organiser | £25.99 (opens in new tab)
Fans of rose gold, we have a treat for you. This design will bring the on-trend warm finish to your home office or a space where you want to organize kids’ homework, and there’s a shelf below for bits and bobs.

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