Save £300 on energy bills – with a particular paint colour

We reveal the paint colour that makes you feel warmer, so you can turn down the thermostat...

olive green paint on a wall with person doing experiement
(Image credit: Valspar)

It’s a commonly known fact that colours can affect your mood. Blue makes you feel calm, orange makes you feel energised and yellow makes you feel happy. Depending on how you want to feel in your space, you can paint your rooms accordingly.

But new research reveals that paint colours can not only affect your senses in terms of emotions, but they can also alter how you perceive temperature – making you feel physically warmer or cooler. You may presume that red makes you feel hot, and blue makes you feel cold, but this, surprisingly, is not the case. 

When participants in the research conducted by from Valspar were placed in different rooms, all set at the same temperature, but painted in different colours, 31 per cent said they felt warmest in the olive green room. Some even said they felt five degrees warmer than the actual temperature of the space.

olive green painted wall with patterned curtains and a chest of drawers

Manzilla Olive paint, Valspar

(Image credit: Valspar)

‘Olive green features undertones of warming shades, such as yellow and brown, which may explain why it was such a popular choice for making participants physically warmer when it came to body temperature,’ says designer of the study, Professor Charles Spence at Oxford University.

So what can we do with this new knowledge? More of us than ever are taking a stand against climate change– car sharing,  ditching plastic and rethinking our diet, but our central heating is damaging to the environment, too. 

Turning down your thermostat just a few degrees can have a huge environmental impact, and now by painting your walls in olive green, you won’t even feel the difference. Plus, this could save you around £270 on energy bills. It’s a win win solution, and with green being a hot (no pun intended) trend in the interiors world, your home will be stylish and cosy too.