I spotted this adorable pink kettle in Sarah Paulson's Malibu home

This kettle is chic, not scary

A photo of Sarah Paulson alongside 3 gooseneck kettles
(Image credit: Future)

I never thought I'd be obsessing over a vacation house that a celebrity bought for their dog, but I can't stop thinking about Sarah Paulson's little Malibu home.

Architectural Digest has given us a glimpse into American Horror Story star's beachside getaway in its latest Open Door video, and although the darker tones and prints aren't exactly my vibe, I'm completely in love with the fact that Paulson has incorporated thoughtful details into every cozy corner of her small space.

As she talked us through her design choices in her bright and airy kitchen, I couldn't help but pause and rewind when I spotted an adorable pastel pink electric kettle on her custom countertop.

Sarah Paulson's marble kitchen countertop with a ceramic pot, wooden knife block, and pastel pink gooseneck kettle

(Image credit: Architectural Digest)

I'm currently obsessed with everything pastel, so needed this kettle in my own kitchen ASAP. I finally tracked down the exact piece in the Arch Digest video, but it's a major splurge at nearly $200.

Alternative pour-over kettles

I'll be honest, I didn't realize how much a kettle could do. With the celebrity-approved gooseneck design and smart features in mind, it was time to find some equally cute and budget-friendly Stagg kettle dupes.

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