Q&A: Lane and Little Greene collaboration

Little Greene and Lane have collaborated to create a stylish collection of the popular Twin Tone lampshade

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Paint specialist Little Greene and online interiors boutique Lane have collaborated to create a stylish collection of the popular Twin Tone lampshade – introducing six new statement colourways to the simply-designed pendant. Designers Joff Casciani and Ollie Wood at Lane talk about working with the paint brand and how the designs were developed.

How did the collaboration with Little Greene begin?

The design team at Lane met with the team at Little Greene at Design Junction in September 2013 and we were both instantly keen to collaborate on a unique collection. The opportunity to learn through their knowledge and expertise of colour created a great opportunity to develop a new take on the popular Twin Tone lampshade, plus the fact that they are also a British manufacturer like us is something we admired. I think the ideas behind and the aims of Lane and Little Greene are aligned in our commitment to British design and manufacturing.

For each lampshade we worked with Little Greene’s head designer to select two colours that matched their wall paint trends but which also highlighted and contrasted with each other to look great as a light fitting.

What appealed to you about Little Greene’s colours?

They are classic and contemporary at the same time and each colour is made up a of a combination of other Little Greene colours, creating a really unique and interesting finish. A lot of the colours from the lampshade range were chosen from Little Greene’s English Heritage collection, which are inspired by historical British colours from several key periods dating back to the Georgian era.

Light Peachblossom, for example, was used in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and Regency Town House dining room, so has a nice background story, while Orange Aurora is from the 1950s and was a popular accent colour used with magnolia on walls and a pinky beige on doors. We’ve tried to emulate these historical trends in a modern way through the lightshade collection.

What inspired the collection?

It was about a shared understanding of colour. It was really nice to create a product to complement their range of wall paint and apply our collaborative knowledge of interiors to create a modern collection. We wanted to work with their heritage colours and introduce a contemporary twist.

How did you make the decision of which colours to use?

We designed contrasting and complementing colourways – often warm and cold, dark and light. In fact, we started with 648 colour combinations and managed to narrow them down to 6! We also wanted to create combinations that looked good when illuminated.

What’s next in the pipeline for Lane in 2015?

We’re currently working on a range of geometric fabric to be used on cushions, so watch this space.

Featured image: (clockwise from top left) Serpentine and Orange Aurora; Light Peachblossom and Carmine; Loft White and Orange Aurora; Basalt and Brighton; Brighton and Mister David; Loft White and Jack Black, priced £65 from Lane