Primark's new shopping bag doubles up as Christmas wrapping paper

This Primark shopping bag is faff-free, festive and sustainable - Christmas gifts sorted!

Primark shopping bag wrapping paper
(Image credit: Primark )

Primark launching a sustainable shopping bag that doubles up as gift wrapping paper is getting us in the Christmas spirit. What a move, ay? Encouraging their customers to be green this Christmas, their paper bags have been given a new lease of life with a festive candy cane print and read "this bag makes great wrapping paper". Just take off the handles and cut along the dotted line to reveal your bargain festive wrapping paper. 

Back in 2001 Primark was among the first to ditch plastic bags with their iconic recyclable brown paper bags. In true British style, part of the Primark experience is moaning about the fact our fave retailer's bags don't fare well in rain but this seasonal revamp makes up for that... This year, they've taken their eco-friendly bag one step further, proving their commitment to the cause and having fun with a festive twist! 

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Primark bags

(Image credit: Primark)

Well, that's saved us a whole load of faff! Just grab your gifts ready bagged up in their wrapping paper thanks to Primark, our holy grail for all things affordable and adorable. What's more, the print is suuuuper cute - giving us the traditional Christmas vibes we've always loved with brown paper and red stripes! Branded a game-changer, Primark has revolutionised the way we'll be gifting this year... And we thought Primark couldn't get any more affordable.

Primark's style editor Jody Spragg's fun tip: "If you're crafty, you can even fold it origami-style to make star decorations."

So, when can you hope to bag your bag? Primark stores are closed at the moment but come December when they open back up, we'll be sure to snap up some deals and take advantage of their eco-friendly trademark bags! England stores will be rolling them out in December and rumour has it, these game-changer bags have already been spotted in Wales and Scotland! What's more, Primark CEO Paul Marchant has actually hinted at the shops potentially opening for 24-hours-a-day during December (urm... lifesaver!?!)

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