I love bougie bath time, so I'm adding these bathroom buys in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to my cart ASAP

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The first room I officially finished decorating in my rental was the bathroom. Surprising, right? That being said, I’m always looking for new ways to make it look extra bougie, so my bath time can be as relaxing as poss. So, when I saw that Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale was live, I instantly started scrolling through its bathroom section.

The sale lasts until August 7th, so if you want to grab a bargain, now’s the time to start shopping. There are discounts on literally everything, from your fave interior brands (hello Parachute and Our Place!), right up to clothing (like you need an excuse for more 'fits).

But what really caught my eye is the bathroom section. I legit can’t stress the difference that good quality bath products can make in your life. Wrapping up in the snuggliest, best towel after a bath? Sinking your feet into a li’l cloud bath mat after a shower? Yes please.

I’ve rounded up a whole range of these in the Nordstrom sale, so you can get that relaxing AF feeling in your own bathroom. Keep on scrolling down for my top picks.

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Six of the best bathroom buys in the Nordstrom anniversary sale

1. Coyuchi Cloud Loom 4-Piece Cotton Bath Towel Set | Was $258

1. Coyuchi Cloud Loom 4-Piece Cotton Bath Towel Set | Was $258, now $199.99 (save $58.01)

There’s one thing that always shouts hotel vibes to me, and that’s fluffy AF towels. In this set you can grab four large towels, so you’ll always have one, plus a few extras in case friends crash for the night. They’re made from organic Turkish cotton, which is seriously soft and can be tumble dried. I’m loving the alpine white set, but it does come in four other colors, FYI.

2. DKNY Chenille Shower Curtain | Was $55

2. DKNY Chenille Shower Curtain | Was $55, now $37.99 (save $17.01)

OK, I’m here for having a li’l designer moment in the bathroom! When I said I’m into bougie bath time, I meant it. If your plastic shower curtain is looking gross, this cotton option is a very stylish alternative. The fluffy chenille texture is giving me all the quiet luxury realness, and the fact it’s machine washable is a major bonus, too. 

3. Pendleton White Sands Bath Towel | Was $120

3. Pendleton White Sands Bath Towel | Was $120, now $83.99 (save $36.01)

Bath towels don’t need to be boring — in fact, they’re such a fab way to elevate the decor in your bathroom. This pattern is inspired by White Sands National Park, which makes it a great way to bring nature into your home. I mean, what a cool piece of inspo! You can choose from two tones — gray or brown — depending on your aesthetic. Also, the geometric print is tufted, adding an extra soft texture to the towel.

4. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Mat | $49)

4. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Mat | $49)

I’m such a Parachute girlie. I love how thoughtful all its pieces are, and how easy they are to match with other items. This blush bath mat is such a gorgeous, subtle shade and will go with everything, from other neutral tones to bolder prints. It’s also OEKO-TEK certified and meets Nordstrom’s responsible manufacturing criteria, which are both big wins. It was on sale but sold out and is now back at full price! Still worth it tho.  

5. DKNY 6-Pack Cotton Washcloths | Was $20

5. DKNY 6-Pack Cotton Washcloths | Was $20, now $13.99 (save $6.01)

This one goes out to all my skincare queens. We know that all skin routines start with a good cleansing, and these washcloths are perfect for drying your face off before you get started. The ribbing makes for comfortable scrubbing, meaning you can get all your makeup off quickly, too. BTW, the linen color is my top choice, but it also comes in gray, white, and black (the black is an especially great option for those self-tanners out there).

6. Matouk Sonia Leaf Jacquard Cotton Wash Cloth | Was $9

6. Matouk Sonia Leaf Jacquard Cotton Wash Cloth | Was $9, now $6.99 (save $2.01)

I didn’t know that I needed a washcloth with a leaf print, but now I absolutely need a washcloth with a leaf print. Basically, I'm in love, people. I'm all about bringing the spa experience to my bathroom, and I think this little accessory would do that beautifully. It’s made from 100% cotton, so your hands will feel so pampered after drying on it. Oh, and the soft lavender shade has got me in a serious lavender haze, T-Swift style. There are matching bath towels, too!

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