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Need a cheap cordless vacuum? Here are five things we love about the Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum

This cheap cordless vacuum is ideal for owners of small homes

Cheap cordless vacuum: Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum
(Image credit: Beldray)

In the market for a cheap cordless vacuum? After all, there’s no requirement to over-burden your credit card to clean up dirt, especially if you live in a small home or flat and don’t have masses of floor space to deal with.

The Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum is a popular choice for those who live in a one-storey house or flat, or just have a small area to clean. Why? Because it’s cordless, easy to store, and it performs well. Interested in this vacuum already? Take a look at our top five reasons to buy it, below (and, heads-up, one of them is because it’s on sale, so hurry).

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With very similar qualities to our best-rated (and reviewed) cordless vacuum, the Vax Blade 2 Max, the Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum is a definite option for those who don’t want to splash the cash on the Vax model.

For starters, both models can be transformed from upright to handheld with ease. They also both feature a light to help illuminate crumbs under furniture. They’re both bagless, but the Vax model only has a 0.6 litre capacity and the Beldray a 1.3 litre dust container. Both models are undeniably light, with the Vax weighing 3.1kg and the Beldray 3.4kg – a difference, but not a huge one. They’re also the same size, and have attachments available (although the Vax versions have to be purchased and the Beldray ones come included). Both are also easy to store and empty. 

In terms of running time, the Vax needs to be charged for three hours to run for 45 minutes (only 12 minutes when on max the whole time). The Beldray needs to be charged for five hours to run for 40 minutes (25 minutes on max). It is worth noting, however, that the Vax model has three different speed settings to choose from but the Beldray only has two.

In terms of price, the Vax model comes in at £250 – that’s £190 more than the Beldray which leads us to our next point...


Usually, the Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum retails at around £80; for today, it’s just £60 at Asda. £20 off isn’t a shabby saving. This is a far cry from the cordless vacuums in our buying guide which retail from £169 to £799.99.

In other words, it’s a cracking deal you'll probably want to snap up before it disappears.

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We’re coming back to this because it really is crucial when you’re talking cordless vacs. The Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum needs five hours of charge to work for either 40 minutes on normal speed or 25 minutes on max. Now, if you live in a smaller home, flat or even bungalow, this should be plenty of time to whizz around each room. Yes, five hours of charging is lengthy, but charge it over night, and the issue’s sorted.


Beldray cordless vacuum

(Image credit: Beldray)

Looking for something which is easy to store away once you’ve finished Hinching? As you can see in the photo above, the Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum folds away neatly and can be kept in a tiny space. The machine can be separated into three different pieces – the head, the hose and the bag and trigger. These can then be stored together (as above) or separately if it’s easier. Also, since the cleaner is cordless, you won’t be worrying about tidying away a length of wire and plug.

Factor in, too, that this model is both cordless stick and handheld, saving space in your cupboard because you don’t have to own two separate vacuums. It’ll clean floors and ceilings, as well as cars and stairs with ease.


Looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner for someone elderly or less mobile? Got a bad back? This vacuum cleaner weighs just 3.4kg (that’s just three and a half bags of rice). And, of course, there’s even less to lift when it’s a handheld.

While weight may not be something you’ve thought about if you don’t have stairs to lug a vacuum up, it’s still important. A lightweight machine is easier to manoeuvre over different floors and also to put away when you’re done. 

Made your choice? Purchase the Beldray Airgility cordless vacuum sooner rather than later to score a £20 saving.