Looking for a quick paint idea? Paint your window frames for a pop of colour

Give any room in your house a lift with this easy paint idea

Windows paint lilac
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Real Homes here, coming at you with more easy DIYs and hacks that you can be doing now you are spending more time at home. We've been scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and found loads of inspiring ideas that are quick and easy, don't need lots of equipment and can really lift a room (and hopefully your mood).

Today we are showing you how to add a pop of colour to any room by painting your window frames. This has been a growing trend over the last few months and we reckon it might be the new feature wall. Keep scrolling to find out how to paint window frames and for loads of inspiring looks to copy. 

You will need:

Step one: sand and clean your window frames

Gently sand down your window frame to get rid of any raised or textured sections to give yourself a smooth surface to paint. Then brush away any dust and give the frame a clean with a damp micro-fibre cloth. 

Step two: mask of windows and walls

Use masking tape to mask off the inside of the window so no paint gets onto the glass. If you want to be extra cautious you could use newspaper or a plastic sheet to cover all of the glass. Mask off the wall that meets the window frame too. 

Step three: start painting

Use a small paintbrush and make sure to paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Depending on your colour choice, one coat might be enough but if it needs two, let your first coat dry and then go in with your second coat. 

Step four: remove masking tape

Once your paint has dried and you are happy with the coverage you can gently remove the masking tape from the window panes and the walls. And that's it! A cute pop of colour in just four easy steps. 

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