Amazon's bestselling Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker sale is on now with 40% off — here's why 97,000 customers love it

The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker sale offers a great deal on this machine, selling thousands in the past four weeks

The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker sale items in moss green red mint and pink on a watercolor rainbow background. Each one has as steaming cup of coffee on the tray and black coffee being dispensed
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If your body won't function without caffeine, the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker sale is the best time to take advantage of this small space appliance and make your early morning beverage dreams come true at the touch of a button.

Enjoy a whopping 40% off all seven colors of the nifty Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker on Amazon, which happens to be the number one bestselling kitchen appliance on the retailer's site. 

This deal is one we really can get behind as we've tested it ourselves and know exactly why it's brilliant. Here's why we love it, why customers love it and alternative single-serve coffee makers to shop.

Why we love the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker sale item

We reviewed the Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker and loved the sleek look, easy-to-operate design, and abundance of K-Cup coffee options, so after spotting it on Amazon with a 40% off deal, we had to share the good news as other retailers such as Best Buy and Macy's don't have this offer.

During testing, our expert reviewer loved the compact design which is perfect for small kitchens with limited counter space, its energy efficiency and easy cord storage. 

But leave enough time to brew your cup as takes a couple of minutes for one cup to be made, she says. However, we reckon that's a fair trade-off for the compact design and fab price point of just $59.99 (it usually retails for $99.99).

This beautiful little coffee maker, which comes in seven colors including mint, pink, dark green, and silver, made our list of best single-serve coffee makers and is a hit with Amazon shoppers, with more than 3,000 flying off the virtual shelves in the last month alone.

Keurig K-Mini pod coffee maker in pinkReal Homes Rated Silver Badge

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Real Homes' best inexpensive single-serve coffee maker


Price: Was $99.99, now $59.99
Size (in.): H12.1 x W4.5 x D11.3
Single-serve size (oz.): 6–10
Coffee: K-Cup pods or ground coffee
Brewing time: Two minutes

Reasons to buy

Compact design
Cord storage
Space for travel mug
Energy efficiency

Reasons to avoid

Short cord
No water tank, needs fresh water poured for each use

Why our tester loved the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Compatible with any K-Cup coffee pods, including Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, you're able to also use it with ground beans of your choice. It's teeny tiny, sitting at just under five inches wide, meaning even in the smallest of kitchens, you'll likely a find a good spot for this beaut.

Or, you can turn your favorite bar cart into a make-shift and portable coffee station. Wheel it into your small home office, have it on-hand but out of the way in your kitchen diner, or stash it in your pantry and pop it up onto your counter when you need it.

Installation is simple. Our reviewer, Brittany Romano says, "With one press of a button, the machine will start on its own."

It also has an auto-shut off function, switching off the device after 90 seconds to not only save energy, but whip away any nagging doubt you've left your coffee maker on after rushing out to work or meet friends.

It's worth noting during testing, Brittany didn't like how short the power cord was (it needs to be right next to an outlet, but you can use an extension such as the Ultra Thin 5FT Flat Extension Cord on Amazon, rated 5/5 stars by shoppers to remedy the issue) but said overall, using the Keurig K-Mini was a "seamless" experience. 

During testing, it did occasionally experience an overflow of water, but the instructions pin point this snag for users. It doesn't have a water tank so overfilling the unit (it will one 6-10 oz coffee) is the most common reason for this.

Why Amazon customers love it

Not only is this single serve coffee maker Amazon's bestselling kitchen appliance, it's Amazon's Choice and big hit with customers, who buy in their thousands every month. Across more than 97,000 reviews, this item carries a 4.5/5 average rating from happy shoppers.

I spent hours scouring on-site reviews from customers who purchased it, and noticed a theme of feedback. Customers love how compact it is, the ease of use, the range of K-Cups available (including customers who have ditched their morning drive thru and are making McDonald's coffees with their K-Cups from Amazon), and enjoy that you can make just one cup at a time.

They do mention that it isn't the quietest of machines, with one explaining that it's "louder than a regular coffee maker or French press, but I'd not call it loud."

Of the sticking points, some mention it splatters a bit, but the clean up is quicker than having to set up and wait for filter coffee or going to Starbucks. One reviewer said since buying this single serve coffee maker, they have ditched their regular Starbucks pit-stops and make the same at home on this machine instead.

If you live in a home-share, you can even set this up in the corner of your bedroom. One Amazon reviewer says they even use it to make noodles with the hot water function. Smart!

Where one customer had a faulty machine and it wasn't replaced by Amazon, Keurig stepped in to cover it. However, from my experience of Amazon and Prime membership for the last 14 years, I've never encountered a faulty product Amazon wouldn't refund or replace even outside of the 30-day return window

I called through to customer services via the Amazon App for a broken parasol a year after I purchased it and they gave me a refund, so in my view, the odd review showing a refusal to replace isn't of concern.

What else to shop

If you like the idea of a compact coffee maker, but this one isn't the right one for you, we have some brilliant alternative deals on Amazon to consider with fabulous ratings and features.

Once you're set up with your new appliance, learn how to clean your coffee maker to keep your cup of morning Joe tasting fresh.

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