Kerry Washington's dining room is a masterclass in bringing in color — experts love the "energetic" look

Kerry Washington's dining room is bold and brilliant

Kerry Washington's dining room is so chic. Here is the actor with a dark brown bob and pink lipstick wearing a bright yellow dress, standing in front of a gold panel
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Kerry Washington's dining room is making me want to repaint mine immediately. The Scandal actor has been announced as a star in the new Knives Out film, so I took the opportunity to scroll through her Instagram feed and remind myself just how fabulous she is. 

On my journey, I spotted a video of her talking through her spread with the design magazine Rue, where she showed off her beautiful home. I loved it all, but the part that really caught my attention was her bright orange dining room. So, I just had to ask design pros why it works so well and how to bring the style in.

If you're looking for dining room ideas that will set your home apart from the rest, having a look at what Kerry has done is sure to inspire you.

Why we're loving Kerry Washington's dining room

Kerry Washington has proved that her impeccable taste beyond the screen (I’ve wanted her Scandal wardrobe for so long) and into her home. 

“Her dining room, a stunning blend of contemporary elegance and vibrant charm, showcases her unique ability to create spaces that are both inviting and visually striking,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

The first thing that catches the eye is the bold pop of orange, which energizes the space beautifully. “This vibrant accent wall is adorned with a large, framed black-and-white artwork, creating a striking focal point that perfectly balances the room's dynamic and sophisticated aesthetic,” Nina adds.

To create a similar look, you could try hanging up just one framed print as dining room wall decor, such as the Black Brush Strokes Poster from Desenio which has striking colors and is printed on paper made from an FSC mix.

At the heart of the dining room is a sleek, rectangular dining table with a polished wood finish. “Its clean lines and minimalist design are complemented by a set of modern dining chairs, each upholstered in a chic gray fabric with elegant wood legs.”

She says the dining room chairs provide a sophisticated counterpoint to the vibrant orange wall, grounding the room's design with their understated elegance.

Hanging above all these is a statement chandelier, which combines sculptural design with gold metallic tones, improving the dining room lighting. “I can imagine that the chandelier’s warm, ambient light casts a soft glow over the dining area, enhancing the room’s inviting and intimate atmosphere,” she adds. 

I think the Hudson Valley Lighting Chandelier from Saks is a very close match to Kerry's. It is a splurge, but it has a sophisticated steel frame and comes with all the mounting hardware you need.

How to recreate the look

If you want to bring the look into your home, start by choosing a bold color to create a dining room accent wall. “This doesn’t necessarily need to be orange — pick a bold shade that speaks to you, grab a paint sample of it, and place it on your dining room wall to see if it works in the space,” suggests Emily Lambe, deputy editor at Real Homes.

“It’s also a good idea to check the best colors for north-facing rooms and the best colors for south-facing rooms before you commit,” Emily adds.

Being mindful of the finishing touches is also key to tying the whole room together. “Kerry’s dining room table is filled with pieces that are carefully chosen to enhance the aesthetic while adding personality,” Nina says. “On the dining table, a shapely vase and a stylish bowl infuse the room with warmth and character without overwhelming the space.”

For example, the Fedia Bowl from Banana Republic will add light and dark dimension to a dining room table thanks to its unique silhouette. 

By bringing in contemporary fittings, bright colors, and dramatic decor, you can create a space that matches Kerry’s. “Making your dining room a focal point in your home is a brilliant way to make it more inviting for guests to gather around and enjoy,” Emily adds.

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Kerry Washington’s dining room is a vibrant oasis that perfectly marries modern design with a bold, colorful twist. 

“With its harmonious blend of style, functionality, and a striking orange wall, this dining room is a wonderful example of how to create a space that’s both beautiful and welcoming,” Nina finishes by saying.

Want to carry on scouting out celebrity dining rooms? You might like Olivia Rodrigo’s dining room, which also has a mid-century style.

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