The most OTT inflatable Christmas decorations of 2020 – and what we are buying instead

Check out these slightly OTT inflatable Christmas decorations we've spotted online. Here's what we'll be buying instead...

Inflatable Christmas decorations: PartyForYou 8FT Large Inflatable Gingerbread Man with LED Lights Yard Outdoor for Christmas Decor
(Image credit: PartyForYou)

Inflatable Christmas decorations – some people love them, others hate them. Us? We love to look at them outside other people's houses, but we wouldn't want them outside ours. So, we've been hunting for the most over the top inflatable Christmas decorations for 2020, and we've popped them below. Underneath them, we've also listed what we would buy instead (read it as a less tacky version). Our picks are slightly more subtle and definitely smaller in size. Some of these inflatables are eight-foot tall!

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5 OTT inflatable Christmas decorations for 2020

1. Firstly, this inflatable snowman...

Hniunew Christmas Inflatable Snowman

(Image credit: Hniunew)
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This inflatable snowman (opens in new tab) from Amazon is large – at 4.9 feet tall – and he comes complete with a broom (?). The kids would love him, but our Instagram feed? Not so much.

Buy this small(er) guy, instead...

Argos Home Pop Up Light Up Snowman

(Image credit: Argos)
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Argos Home Pop Up Light Up Snowman| £25 at Argos (opens in new tab)
This guy has some rave reviews! Super easy to put up and pre lit, he is just waiting to bring some festive onto your front step – oh order quickly though he is veeeerrrryyy popular. 

2. This (quite scary, actually) giant gingerbread man

PartyForYou 8FT Large Inflatable Gingerbread Man with LED Lights Yard Outdoor for Christmas Decor

(Image credit: PartyForYou)
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Measuring eight-foot-tall (yes, you read that right) this giant inflatable gingerbread man (opens in new tab) is pretty insane. Your neighbours may hate you if you put this up, but we can appreciate the effort. It's also on sale for £29... tempting?

Buy this cute gingerbread man bunting instead...

BettysInteriors Gingerbread Bunting

(Image credit: BettysInteriors)
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BettysInteriors Gingerbread Bunting | £12 at Etsy (opens in new tab)
This definitely less obtrusive gingerbread decoration would look lovely hung on a fireplace. Or in the kids' room. Small, easy to store and it won't get on your neighbours' nerves.

3. An inflatable Santa, on a sleigh, with reindeer

Cumberlanden 5.9ft LED Christmas Inflatable Santa Reindeer Sleigh

(Image credit: Cumberlanden)
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This smaller (in height) yet still inflatable Christmas decoration would most probably get a five-star rating from every child in your neighbourhood, but it's quite an eyesore. At 5.9 foot long, this inflatable Santa on a sleigh, complete with reindeer (opens in new tab), could end up taking up your entire front garden. One of the reindeer is even winking for some strange reason.

Buy this reindeer and sleigh instead (sorry, Santa isn't included!)...

LED Acrylic Reindeer and Sleigh

(Image credit: Studio)
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LED Acrylic Reindeer and Sleigh | £34.99 £21.99 at Studio (opens in new tab)
Check out these LED light-up reindeer which come complete with a sleigh, ready to be displayed on your front garden. Choose from a blue set or one that lights up all different colours. The kids will love it!

4. A blow up Christmas tree – because who needs to see out of their windows?

180CM Giant Inflatable Christmas Climbing Tree Blow Up Fun Toys Christmas Gift

(Image credit: Wish)
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This inflatable Christmas tree (opens in new tab) measures 180cm and, for some reason, it has a Santa climbing up it with a dog at the bottom, biting on Santa's trousers to pull them down. We don't really need to say much else...

Instead, opt for this...

Cox & Cox light up tree

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Indoor Outdoor Black Light Up Tree | £125 at Cox & Cox (opens in new tab)
We love how magical this outdoor Christmas decoration is! If you don't have trees in your garden to hang lights from then do not worry. You can fake it until you make it with this!

5. Last but definitely not least, an 8ft inflatable nutcracker...

APROTII 240cm/8Ft Nutcracker Inflatable

(Image credit: APROTII)
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This large inflatable nutcracker (opens in new tab) is, to be fair, quite a rare inflatable but unfortunately, that still doesn't make us want it any more. Standing taller than you, it lights up so that people can see it even at nighttime.

Please, buy this instead...

gerFogoo 17" Traditional Soldier Nutcracker

(Image credit: geerFogoo)
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gerFogoo 17" Traditional Soldier Nutcracker | £17.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This lovely nutcracker decoration fits in with our decor scheme a lot better, and it measures just 46cm tall. Lovely. Place it on a table, bedside table, mantlepiece and more. It comes in gold, silver or white. Or, you could buy both (they are quite affordable).

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