Ina Garten's new flower garden is wowing fans on social media — see how to recreate the look

Get inspired with Ina Garten's new flower garden for summer

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If your yard is in need of an upgrade, Ina Garten's new flower garden will inspire you to plant some new blooms. The star chef showed off her brand-new flower garden on Instagram, much to the delight of her fans.

With a mix of greenery and colorful flowers, this show-stopping display makes a statement against neatly trimmed hedges, with fans commenting in droves and asking for information and tips. That's where our experts can help.

Not sure where to start when it comes to your own landscape? Take a look at our advice on planning a cottage garden and design the space of your dreams.

Check out Ina Garten's new flower garden

Looking to try some new landscaping ideas? Ina Garten may have the solution. While normally found cooking up something in her immaculate kitchen, the professional chef and Barefoot Contessa author posted a video of her garden makeover by Marders Landscaping.

Utilizing a variety of garden plant ideas, the space is full of tall purple and white flowers and bunches of green ferns and shrubs. While the garden looks rustic and natural, the precise lawn edging keeps it looking neat and tidy. Fans are loving the overall result in the comments, appreciating the color palette and the wide variety of plants used to create the look.

How to recreate the look

While Ina had some professional help with her green space, you can accomplish a similar look at home with some simple DIY landscaping ideas. The first thing you'll want to do is plan out the layout of the garden. Ina's features bunches of a variety of plants nestled closely together so it looks bright and full. 

Then you'll want to pick out the types of flowers and greenery you'll be using. Ina uses Salvia Caradona for the bright purple flowers (which you can grab in three live pots from Walmart) and Lambs Ear (which you can also get as a starter plant from Walmart) for the bunches of green towards the front. 

While you can use the same types, you can also mix it based on your color palette and climate. You may want to go with low-maintenance garden ideas if you're a beginner. 

“Perennials like lavender, foxgloves, and peonies provide structure and come back year after year, while annuals like cosmos and sweet peas add vibrant color,” suggests Marco Picano, landscaping expert and co-owner of Picano Landscaping.

Ina layers her plants with the tallest in the back and the shortest in the front. The different heights add visual interest and dimension to the overall look. Once your blooms are planted, fill in any remaining bare patches with greenery and small shrubs.

Gardening essentials

Before you get started recreating beautiful modern landscaping ideas such as Ina's, you're going to need some supplies. These gardening essentials are handy for any type of greenery you're planting from ferns to hydrangeas.

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Ina Garten's new flower garden is full of great ideas to magpie when it comes to home design and gardening. As long as you don't make these common landscaping mistakes, you can recreate her look for thriving cottage-inspired green space. And if you like her garden, don't miss Ina Garten's kitchen cabinets for some on-trend design inspiration to take her style indoors.

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