How to get rid of moths forever, with one natural ingredient

Want to learn how to get rid of moths once and for all? We have the answer – and it's not mothballs

How to get rid of moths
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Want to learn how to get rid of moths for good? Anyone who's had clothes moths will know that tackling an infestation is always an uphill struggle. You thought they were all gone, but no: there's always more. 

This happens because people often only tackle adult moths, but not the larvae, which is what causes the damage to your clothes. If you see a moth flying about your bedroom, it's already too late: it's made a meal of your favourite jumper/silk shirt.

We have several ways to get rid of moths in our guide, but if you want to try just one product that's guaranteed to work, read on.

How to get rid of moths: the best product you can buy

We'll say right away that the product we're recommending is not moth balls. Although moth balls can be effective against moths, they smell horrible, even the new-generation ones that are supposed to smell better. Do you want that smell to permeate your clothes and bedroom? No, we thought not. 

What you want to try is diatomaceous earth. This is a completely natural product that's basically a very fine rock powder. It works by drying out and destroying moths and their larvae. You'll want to sprinkle or spray it liberally in every nook and cranny in your bedroom, and over any surfaces that are affected, such as carpets. It is a safe product generally, but be careful to cover your mouth, nose, and eyes while using it, as it can be irritating – and keep pets away. 

This product is also highly effective against fleas – great if you have a pet that's brought some in.