Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom is chic, warm, and inviting

The actor's room looks like a relaxing haven

Hilary Duff in a black top and checked dress sitting on a gray couch with pillows on it
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Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom looks like the dreamiest place to relax. For her recent pregnancy announcement, she posed with her family in it to showcase her new bump. After our initial excitement, our eyes were drawn to the beautiful decor that made the room look so inviting.

While you might not have space for a four-poster bed like the Lizzie Maguire star, you can still incorporate elements of her bedroom into your place. We've spoken to our deputy editor who specializes in small spaces to find out how you can do this.

For those looking for small bedroom ideas, Hilary's beautiful bedroom is a brilliant source of inspiration. From the terracotta bedding to the dried flowers, there are so many reasons why we're in love with it.

Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom

Want to know how to use Scandi design like Hilary Duff? Here's everything you need to know, plus beautiful buys. 

Why we love Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom

The first thing that we noticed was the striking bed. “The sheets bring in one of 2024’s small color trends, which is terracotta along with other earthy tones,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. “While crisp white sheets can make your home look like a hotel, colored sheets are more practical to maintain long term.” If you can’t paint your walls, they’re also the quickest way to add color to your bedroom. 

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Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor here at Real Homes. She specializes in small spaces and is always on top of the latest trends that will work well in rentals and apartments.

While the four-poster bed looks amazing in Hilary’s home, you might not have space for this in your own home. “If you do have your heart set on one like this, be sure to measure up where you want to put it before buying it, to save you the heartbreak of starting to built it and realizing it won’t fit.” She suggests opting for a regular-size bed made with dark wood instead.

Hilary has tied together the two nightstands with voluminous dried flower bouquets. “These are much easier to maintain than fresh flowers — just keep them out of sunlight and be gentle with them,” Emily says. “I like how Hilary has matched the dark brown leaves and orange flowers to her bedding and wooden bed, which ties the whole ensemble together.” The size of them also adds extra dimension to the space.

The finishing touches are what make Hilary’s bedroom look inviting. “The cute accent chair is perfect for curling up with a book — you could grab one like this and place it next to a small bookcase to create a reading nook,” she says. As well as this, Emily loves the dreamy blue artwork. “The ombre colors look very nautical and remind me of coastal grandmother decor.” These both add subtle pops of color to Hilary’s Scandi bedroom, which gives it more character.

Get the look with these Scandi bedroom buys

Want to copy Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom? Here's our edit of buys that match her decor. 

Hilary Duff's Scandi bedroom is proof that the design style isn't all about neutral colors — you can also use rich colors to create a snug room that feels relaxed. If you're looking for other celebrity-inspired ways to make your bedroom cozy, Amanda Seyfried's granny square blanket is an adorable option.

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