Gas boilers could be banned from new homes by 2025

Recent proposals address pressure on government to reduce UK's carbon emissions

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The Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the banning of gas boilers for new homes by 2025 as part of the Spring Statement back in March. Even more ambitiously, the latest report by the Government's official climate change advisors recommends reducing the UK's gas emissions to 'net zero' by 2050. 

This can only be achieved if all of the UK's housing stock, not just new homes, no longer relies on gas heating. The thrust of the report is that we need to ‘fully decarbonise how we heat our homes’.

How can this be achieved? Infra-red and solar panels are potential alternatives to gas central heating, although such heating systems are unlikely to meet all of the country's heating needs. Biomass burners are a more promising alternative and could be a direct replacement for gas boilers, and would use food and animal waste as fuel. 

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