Gardening carts under $150 that will be lifesavers when working in the dirt

Collapsible, heavy duty, pint-sized — these gardening carts are great for different planters' needs

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'Tis time to plant, and gardening carts can make a huge difference when tackling outdoor projects this spring. We've rounded up sturdy, budget-friendly buys that will lend a hand when you need some support.  

Even if you're working with a small space, bags of soil, mulch, etc. can be rather heavy. And let's be honest, by the time you're done gathering annuals and perennials, there's going to be plenty to carry. A cart could make a world of difference when you're planting solo. 

As you begin to check small garden ideas off your list, make sure you're investing in the right equipment to help get the job done. 

Shop gardening carts this spring

You know where to venture for pansies, zinnias, and beyond, but gardening equipment might not be quite as easy to find compared to the florals themselves. Here's where to snag a cart:


What to shop

When you're moving your accessories around, these carts are ready to help with the heavy tasks.  

The love of gardening isn't slowing down, so you'll need to be properly equipped. Should you need something heftier, the Gorilla Carts Super Heavy-Duty Poly Dump Garden Cart from Home Depot  is a solid option. But if you are looking for a pint-sized option, the Suncast Resin 15.5 Gallon Multi-Purpose Cart on Amazon has garnered 4.7/5 stars. 


How do I choose a garden cart?

Choosing a gardening cart is quite subjective. You'll need to consider what you'll need to be transported from the car to your backyard when planting season begins, how much you're willing to pay for the accessory, and where you're going to store it once the season comes to a close. Additionally, should medical issues come into play, you'll want to ensure you have the proper assistance when carrying heavy items that gardens require, like bags of soil and mulch. Is the cart you're using able to make the process easier and potentially thwart any pain you might feel from lugging the goods?

Is a garden cart better than a wheelbarrow?

Though it will likely depend on your needs, garden carts could be easier for those who are working with a small space and still require assistance transporting goods. Wheelbarrows tend to be bulky and difficult to maneuver, plus small-space gardeners might not have the proper storage room for one. When using a collapsible garden cart, you have the ability to hide it once the growing season comes to a close.

Looking for more helpful buys for your outdoor projects? We found breathable gardener's gloves with over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon that are comfy and supportive. Plus, we've spotted the viral Lidl greenhouse and swaps on shelves that are great for small gardens, just like 2024's beloved raised garden bed trend. 

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