This ergonomic bath pillow from Amazon has transformed my baths into hotel-style experiences

Trust me: this ergonomic bath pillow is a game-changer

We love this ergonomic bath pillow. Here is a white mesh butterfly-shaped bath pillow hanging from a white towel rail with a gray towel next to it and a dark blue wall behind it
(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

I didn't know baths could be so cozy, until I got myself an ergonomic bath pillow. The AmazeFan Luxury Bath Pillow has completely turned my bath time into a bougie experience.

It means that I can spend hours in the bath feeling relaxed and fully unwinding. I've run down everything I love about it, how you can shop it, as well as picking out alternatives. Plus, I have also asked pros why bath pillows are useful buys.

If you're looking for bathroom ideas that will improve the comfort of the space, this is the best thing I've found in years to do just that.

The Amazefan ergonomic bath pillow is seriously relaxing

For those looking for the best pillows for the bath, this is my winner by a long way. 

I've gone into where you can grab it from and shopped alternative buys throughout, so you can start making your bubbly baths brilliant, too.

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Why I love the Amazefan ergonomic bath pillow

A white mesh butterfly-shaped bath pillow hanging from a white towel rail with a gray towel next to it and a dark blue wall behind it

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

When shopping for a bath pillow, I really wanted to find one that would properly support my back, as well as have a comfy headrest to prop myself up. I found that a lot of pillows are just rectangular shaped, which didn't look relaxing at all to me.

This one completely fills the side of my bath, with strong suction cups that latch onto it to keep it in place. I have found that it stays completely put while I wash my hair, read, and drink cups of tea.

The butterfly shape of the Amazefan Luxury Bath Pillow does look a little bit like a sanitary towel, but believe me when I say that it's so clever. It is fully supportive and properly cradles my back, neck, and shoulders. I run a few times a week, so it's especially important to me to have aches and pains melt away in the bubbles. This shape allows that to happen.

It has mesh-backing, which means it doesn't get too hot while lying on it. This also helps it dry incredibly quickly — I hang it up on my towel rail with the handy hook and find that it dries in just a couple of hours.

In terms of maintenance, it's a breeze to clean. Simply put it in the washing machine on a cold setting and away you go. I put it in by itself on a short setting, but if you want to protect it even further, you could always grab a large laundry bag such as the Washranp Extra Large Mesh Laundry Bags from Walmart that are made from quality polyester and have a strong zipper.

Shop the AmazeFan ergonomic bath pillow

AmazeFan Luxury Bath Pillow | $23.99 at Amazon

AmazeFan Luxury Bath Pillow | $23.99 at Amazon

Size (in): W16.54 x L17.72
Made from: Mesh

The AmazeFan Bath Pillow is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to make their baths ultra-comfortable. It's covered in 4D mesh fabric, which allows water and air to flow through it. The shape of it is cleverly sculpted to relax muscles. I'm not the only one that loves this pillow, either — over 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given it five stars, saying it's soft, easy to clean, and dries quickly. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is always reassuring.

Why experts love bath pillows

A white bath with a white mesh bath pillow in it, water with bubbles and candles floating on it, a silver faucet above it, and black tiles on the wall

(Image credit: Amazon)

I think bath pillows are an excellent idea and are a great way to make your apartment feel like a hotel or to make your small bathroom feel luxe for yourself or for visitors.

“Supportive bath pillows provide excellent neck and back support, transforming a standard bath into a spa-like experience,” explains Jonas Zook Jr, AirBnB host and owner of Sweden Valley Cabins. “A bath pillow will allow guests to relax completely, reducing the strain on their neck and back muscles.”

From a cleanliness perspective, grabbing high-quality bath pillows that are washable will help you maintain a mold and mildew-free bathroom. 

“Choosing ones that can be cleaned or have removable covers will improve hygiene and prolong the lifespan of the pillow,” explains Eliana Coca, home improvement and cleaning expert and owner of E.C. House Cleaning.

Integrating thoughtful amenities is all part of improving the guest experience, which Jonas says is fundamental when going for a hospitality-style approach.

Shop alternative bath pillows

I can’t imagine my bubble seshes without the Amazefan pillow, and I highly recommend grabbing one of your own if you want to elevate your bath game for good.

“Just as we transform homes into places where families can thrive, a supportive bath pillow adds a layer of relaxation and well-being, turning an ordinary bath into a rejuvenating experience,” Eliana adds.

Two other great ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa is by adding the best candles and reed diffusers to it, to improve the decor and the fragrance.

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