Psst! These are 12 of the best laundry bags to take a load off your mind

Secure the bag with these highly-rated picks

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Look, shopping for a new laundry bag doesn't quite give me the same dopamine factor as adding a cute dress to my basket. But you know your future self is going to thank you for this purchase. Especially after getting guac on your garms from taco Tuesday or booze from a bottomless bunch (or both). Girl — we don't judge here.

TikTok in particular has taken small laundry room ideas to another level with the hashtags #laundrytok and #cleantok getting serious engagement. Who knew these household items could be as popular as a Prada or Louis V designer handbag?

I've got my eye on 12 highly-rated laundry bags. Some come on wheels, others look like a rucksack, and there are even satchels that look as stylish as your work or college bag. If (ironically) they end up looking a bit gross, many of my selections can be thrown in the wash, too. Whichever you pick, your laundry organization is gonna be next level. BTW, this selection includes laundry bags you can use in your washing machine, as well as a way to transport dirty 'fits.

12 of the best laundry bags to blast through wash day

Laundry bags for delicates

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Laundry bag backpacks

Hanging laundry bags

Laundry bags with handles


Why do people use laundry bags?

There are two types of laundry bags. Ones that help carry clothing and laundry bags you can add to the washing machine. The latter are commonly used to house delicates like underwear, shoes, and silk items. By containing them in these vessels, you can stop them from snagging, ripping, and becoming entangled with other articles.

Which type of laundry bag is the best?

This ultimately depends on what you need your laundry bag for. If you're transporting a large number of clothes to the laundrette, you might find that a laundry bag with reinforced handles will work. If you don't have strong arms to lift a big load, a laundry rucksack can be carried on your back. And if you like to wash expensive materials without visiting the dry cleaners, mesh laundry bags are a must! 

How we chose these laundry bags

Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited budget to test the best laundry bags. So in this case, we've relied on verified reviews from retailers. We've filtered search results by the number of stars and also identified what customers like most about these specific items, identifying trends when undertaking our qualitative research.

Where to buy a laundry bag?

Laundry bags can be found at a number of online retail outlets. While Amazon is the obvious marketplace, shops that sell homewares can also be handy. And, if you're after something chic, here's my top tip: look for a fashion retailer than has a home section.

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