Energy saving lightbulbs: here's how much can you save

If you haven't made the switch to energy saving lightbulbs yet, these are the facts that will change your mind

Energy saving lightbulbs. How to use philips hue with google assistant: woman changing lightbulb
(Image credit: Philips)

Can you really save money with energy saving lightbulbs? While you might be keen to be green, something as small as a lightbulb might seem far too insignificant to make a real change to your energy bills; besides, isn't there more of a range of shapes and sizes with traditional lightbulbs? 

Let us debunk a few myths for you – and help you make real savings... both in terms of energy and hard cash.

There are several things to consider if you're thinking about the potential benefits of switching up your lighting. It is true that the savings made from swapping out just a single lightbulb will be relatively small: you will pay around £3 to £5 for an LED lightbulb, and get a saving of around £9 in energy bills over a year, in comparison with a traditional bulb that will cost around £1.

The savings, according to the Energy Saving Trust, will be most apparent for households that have 30 or more lightbulbs around the house, especially those that have lots of spotlights in areas such as the kitchen and hallway. You can expect to save at least £100 a year if you do have 30 or more lightbulbs (we're doing a mental count of ours right now) – that's a substantial saving on your annual energy bill. 

Our advice? Buy your energy-saving lightbulbs online, especially if you're after spotlights, reflector lights, or vintage-shaped bulbs. All of these are now available in LED, but smaller hardware shops (and even some of the larger ones) are still slow to stock them, instead only offering the most basic LED bulbs that might not offer the most attractive or suitable shape. Online retailers, on the other hand, have fully caught up with the need for real choice of energy saving bulbs. If it's going to save you money in the long run and be better for the environment, why not go for it?