Demi Lovato's bathroom is the epitome of harmonious living — design experts love her shared space

Demi Lovato's bathroom is colorful, clean, fun and functional. Our experts reveal how to get the look

Demi Lovato's bathroom has got us swooning. Here is a picture of the singer wearing a black jacket, against a blue and pink background
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Demi Lovato's bathroom makes us want to revamp ours immediately. Over on Instagram, the singer posted a loved-up mirror selfie with fiancé Jordan Lutes. Forget their romance for a minute though, it's the bathroom decor we're peeping.

From the bright walls to the 'his' and 'hers' sinks, Demi's bathroom has a host of design inspiration for those living with a partner and sharing this vital space. Our experts reveal why her decor works so well and how to copy the look in your bathroom, too.

Whether you're looking for small bathroom ideas or have a larger space to work with like Demi, you're going to want to grab a pen and pad, as there's so much to take note of.

Demi Lovato's bathroom

Demi's blue walls are the perfect color for a bathroom. Calming and cool, here's why we love it, alongside the other elements of her harmonious shared bathroom space.

Why we love Demi Lovato's bathroom

Living with your beau or preparing to move in with your partner? It’s a good idea to make sure your bathroom works for both of you, just like Demi has.

“The his and hers sinks are more than just a practical feature — it's about creating harmony in a shared space,” explains Riley Annen, interior designer and founder of Companies That Buy Houses

Riley Annen, a white woman with brown hair and green eyes smiling
Riley Annen

Riley Annen is an interior designer, real estate agent, and founder of Companies That Buy Houses. She has more than 10 years experience finding houses with great potential and making them look gorgeous.

She explains this thoughtful touch can make mornings and evenings a bit smoother, meaning no more arguments over who's hogging the space.

Above the sink in the back of Demi Lovato's bathroom, two elegant bathroom lights can be seen. “The pendant lights are well placed to avoid unflattering shadows created by overhead vanity lights, and are an updated look in a brass finish,” says Amy Woolf, color consultant and founder of AW Color. 

Amy Woolf, a white woman with glasses, a black blazer, and a blue shirt
Amy Woolf

Amy Woolf is an award-winning color consultant, specializing in architectural color, interior design, and product development. Her work considers both the psychological and physiological impact of color on one’s experience of their surroundings. 

This makes it an ideal place to take a selfie like Demi has — everyone knows bathrooms have the best lighting, after all. Not only this, but these fixtures are not just sources of light, but they're also mood enhancers. 

“Picture a warm, ambient glow perfect for winding down or getting ready for a night out,” Riley adds. “It's about creating an cozy, elegant atmosphere.” How dreamy, right?

While these stylish features all add chicness to the bathroom, the real star of the show is the blue wall color, which is a fab small space paint color idea.

“All of the permanent finishes in the bathroom are neutral, which supports those incredible blue walls,” Amy explains. “What I love about this look is it's so easy to replicate in so many bathrooms.” 

She continues, “This blue, with a smidge of green in it (as opposed to a more purple-leaning blue), works with all kinds of neutrals, both warm beiges like the countertops or cool grays like the marble shower and vanities.”

If you want to get Demi’s look, remember a little blue goes a long way. “Find a blue less vivid on the paint chip than it appears in the photos,” Amy tells us. “Once it’s up on all four walls, it will be much brighter than it looked at the store.” Be sure to use a color sample before going all-in.

As small space color trends or one’s taste changes, for the price of a gallon of paint and some elbow grease, the room can take on a whole new vibe. 

If you can’t paint your walls due to renting, you could always upcycle a second hand bathroom vanity unit and paint it however you wish, to add a pop of pizazz and personality to your space.

Get Demi Lovato's bathroom look in your place

Want to copy the look of Demi’s partner-friendly bathroom? We expertly picked these items to recreate Demi's space.

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From the vibrant wall color, to the bathroom lighting, Demi’s washroom has so many clever and cute finishes, adding up to make it super livable for her and her partner. 

“In my journey as an interior designer, I've learned these little details aren't just about making things look good — they contribute to a home's vibe, affecting how people feel in the space,” Riley says, wrapping up.

If you are bringing Demi’s look into your home, make sure the functionality rings through your decor choices, just as much as the aesthetic and you’ll end up with a bathroom you can fully relax in. If the colorful vibe isn't quite right for you, try the understated luxe floral look of Maude Apatow's small bathroom.

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