All aboard! Christmas tree train sets are making a comeback for 2020

Get all the nostalgic feels with this 2020 Christmas trend that's straight out of your childhood...

Christmas tree train set
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Sure, this Christmas might look a little bit different but so far we are loving how much everyone is getting into the spirit early, the decs are up, the mulled wine is flowing and it's not even December. But hey, it's 2020 and we say anything goes.  And it's probably due to the craziness of this year, we have seen a strong Christmas decorating trend that embraces Christmases past – nostalgia and tradition and looking back at the good old days when you could meet with more than three households indoors and go to the pub and actually order at the bar on Christmas eve!

Anyways... a big part of this trend that we are loving is Christmas tree train sets – as in a train set that runs around the bottom of your tree. What a throwback that is and it's giving all the cosy magical feels so naturally we had to dedicate a gallery to it and show you how to style your Christmas tree train this year. Oh and we have rounded up some of our fave picks too, in case you haven't got an old dusty one from the 90s in the loft.

Shop the best Christmas tree train sets

1. Go for a rustic look with a wooden train 

If you love rustic Christmas decor this would be like look to go for – plus you don't have to set up any crazy tracks and flashing lights, just pick up a wooden set (if you like the look of plain wood check out this set from Amazon) and place it under your tree. Pair with simple decorations and a vintage lace Christmas tree skirt to complete the look. 

2. Build a train set into the Christmas tree

OMG how amazing is this tree by @sisktriplets! The train actually goes around the middle of the tree – also absolutely loving the decor scheme here,  coloured lights are always our fave. You can actually buy train sets that sit in your artificial tree to make this whole magical look super easy. Check out this set from Amazon (a bargain too). 

3. Pop your train around a Christmas tree skirt 

Want to make even more of the feature of the bottom of your tree? Combine a train with a Christmas tree skirt. The birch one is beautiful, looks so natural but covers up the unsightly plastic green base – if you want a similar look try a wicker Christmas tree skirt (this one from Argos is a great price, far cheaper than some of the models out there).

Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

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