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Cyber Monday Christmas inflatables – Black Friday blow-up decor you might've missed

These Christmas inflatables are the perfect expandable features for a stand-out front or back yard

'Have a magical Christmas' inflatable with Santa riding unicorn across rainbow
(Image credit: Gemmy)

Who can resist the fun and joy that oversized Christmas inflatables add to an outdoor display? More people than ever this year plan to go all out with their decor as a way to make the season feel even more special. And, if you've got competitiveness in your blood, what's wrong with a bit of neighborly rivalry to liven up the 'hood?

While an elaborate light display might require a lot of manual work and electrical know-how, these outdoor Christmas decorations aren't quite as laborious to set up and often features built-in LEDs so they can glow at night for passers-by to admire.

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The following blow-up Christmas decorations are under $160, suitable for outdoor use (some indoor too), are easy to inflate and secure to the ground, and will definitely bring a heftyb dose of fun to your front yard. Re-use them year after year, or add new ones to your collection.

Choose from classic Santas to whimsical animals, and pop-culture icons from movies and more. The breadth of what's available as a blow-up only seems to get larger each year. But act quickly, because the most popular inflatable Christmas decorations will sell out first over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Christmas is right around the corner, so if you haven't started decorating, what have you been waiting for?

15 Christmas inflatables to add curb appeal

'Outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to create that spectacular look outside of your home for the holidays,' says Joshua Prusak, marketplace specialist, Christmas Central (opens in new tab).

'Don’t let a few strong gusts of wind blow them away. Properly securing your inflatable decorations gives you peace of mind knowing your investment won’t be damaged by bad weather.'

1. Pay homage to Disney's Frozen with Olaf and Sven

A Disney's Frozen inspired Xmas inflatable with Olaf snowman and Sven reindeer outside of house

(Image credit: Gemmy's Inflatables)
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There's only one problem with having this inflatable as your outdoor Christmas yard decor. Once you get your mitts on it, you won't be able to 'Let it go'... sorry... Watch your brood's faces burst as they see Olaf and Sven pop up in the front yard.

This Disney Olaf sitting on Sven scene (opens in new tab) by Gemmy, available at Amazon will fulfill all your Frozen needs. Now... Do you want to build a Snowman?

2. Share the magic of Christmas with a Nativity scene

Nativity Scene Inflatable outside house with red front door and blue window shutters

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)
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Wow your neighbors this Christmas season with our eye-catching 6ft inflatable Nativity scene (opens in new tab) from Lights4Fun, available from Amazon. It’s sure to be a show-stopping (or should that be 'snow-shopping') yard decoration thanks to the built-in LED lights which will create a glowing display at night.

This is the perfect Christmas inflatable for those who really want to tell the story of the holiday season with some traditional Christmas decorations.

3. Take your snowman to the streets

An inflatable exterior Christmas snowman decoration with 'Chillin' with my snowmies' slogan on tee shirt

(Image credit: Gemmys)
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Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, through popular culture in music and TV, we're used to the urban scene and language. This 6 ft. animated chillin’ snowman (opens in new tab) Christmas inflatable by Gemmy, available from Walmart is a streetwise snow person who's as cold as ice...

4. Add curb appeal with a multicolored arch

'Have a magical Christmas' inflatable with Santa riding unicorn across rainbow

(Image credit: Gemmys)
(opens in new tab)

While we're used to the traditional Christmas decor in red and green colorways, you can't beat technicolor touches at this time of year. This unicorn rainbow (opens in new tab) arch by Gemmy, available at Target features Santa riding a unicorn.

This whimsical Christmas inflatable makes for an eye-catching addition to your outdoor Christmas decorations or a fantastic entrance to a festive party or Christmas porch.

5. Grow a neighborhood following with a lit Xmas tree

9ft lit inflatable Christmas tree with LED multicolor rotating light

(Image credit: Holiday Aisle® )
(opens in new tab)

Ignite festive cheer in your neighborhood with this illuminated inflatable tree that comes with a color-changing LED light. This 9ft Christmas Tree with multicolor rotating light (opens in new tab) Christmas inflatable by The Holiday Aisle®, available from Wayfair, is suitable for use inside and outside the house and makes the perfect alternative Christmas tree too.

6. Let Santa and his helper set up camp outside

7.5-ft Lighted Camper Christmas Inflatable outside of house and positioned on front yard with lit outdoor plants and garland decor

(Image credit: Gemmys)
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Santa's parked his sleigh and took a road trip with his camper van. Destination: Your home for some hot cocoa. Give him a warm welcome by letting him park up his RV outside of your house. Pick up this exclusive, self-inflating 7.5ft camper (opens in new tab) Christmas inflatable from Gemmy, available from Lowe's to go with your other outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.

7. Give Santa a sign

Santa stop here directional signpost red and green Christmas inflatable

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)
(opens in new tab)

Make sure Santa knows which home to stop at with this 4ft 'Santa Stop Here' (opens in new tab)Christmas Inflatable Decoration from Lights4Fun, available at Amazon. This directional signpost is fully weatherproof for outdoor use and comes with an IP44 rating for reassurance. This highly durable decoration comes with ground stakes and a cord to secure it in place in windy weather.

There’s also a handy 16.5ft lead wire so it doesn’t need to be positioned close to a plug socket.

8. Go barking mad for this Golden Retriever with a bow

A 6 ft. inflatable Golden Retriever dog decoration with bow and Santa hat

(Image credit: Home Accents)
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Let your neighbors know just how much you love your furry friends. Dog owners won't be able to resist this adorable larger-than-life Holiday 6 ft. Inflatable Golden Retriever with bow (opens in new tab), from Home Accents, available at Kuahl sitting at attention, and waiting for treats. And, if your pup does try to attack it, don't lose any sleep. While it's a doggone situation, this budget Christmas decor is under $30. 

9. Get Frosty and friends around the campfire

Dressed snowmen round the fire Christmas inflatable with marshmallows

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)
(opens in new tab)

Watch as Frosty and his friends cozy up to toast marshmallows, huddled around the campfire. Built-in LED lights give this Snowmen Christmas inflatable (opens in new tab) from Lights4Fun, available at Amazon a realistic flame effect. Dressed with hats, scarves, and earmuffs these ice buddies are suitably dressed for the blizzard.

10. Wave hello to Santa

9ft airblown inflatable Santa stood outside of home which has outdoor bushes lit with fairy lights

(Image credit: Gemmy)
(opens in new tab)

A massive and classic Santa doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. This nine-foot Holiday Time airblown inflatable Santa (opens in new tab) by Gemmy, available at Walmart is ready to bestow Christmas cheer on all who pass by. It's also one of the more traditional inflatables for those who like to stick to classic designs.

11. Bring childhood literature to life with Grinch

An 11 ft Grinch inflatable for outdoor holiday display

(Image credit: Gemmys)
(opens in new tab)

Whether you love or loathe the festive season, you can't deny that this Christmas inflatable is as good-as-it-gets for fans of this green-eyed fictional character. Find this  11ft Dr. Seuss The Grinch with a tree (opens in new tab) decoration at Walmart plotting all the ways he can steal Christmas.

12. Grab the catch-of-the day with Santa and friends

6 Ft blow up polar bear and penguins riding polar bear with built-in lights and sandbags tether for indoor and outdoor decor

(Image credit: Bzb)
(opens in new tab)

This adorable 6 Ft penguins fishing on polar bear (opens in new tab) Christmas inflatable by Bzb Goods, available at Walmart, is so cute, we would leave it up all winter long. And if you happen to already have a built-in pond in your front yard – even better.

This Christmas inflatable decoration even comes with lights to add a festive glow and is stabilized by sandbags so Santa's friends won't go flying from the result of strong and blustery winter winds.

13. Make the kids' day with a Mickey and Minnie car

Christmas inflatable with Mickey Mouse Driving Minnie Mouse in Their Christmas Car Indoor/Outdoor Decoration

(Image credit: Holiday Accents)
(opens in new tab)

Mickey and Minnie's automobile adventure (err should we say Mr. and Mrs. Clause?) brings much joy to our faces with this fun car display. We wonder whose home they will visit next? One thing's for sure, this Mickey Mouse driving Minnie Mouse Christmas car (opens in new tab) inflatable, by Holiday Aisle, available at Amazon looks so stylish parked up on our porch. 

Though novel in design, the classic Christmas color scheme of red and green makes this Christmas inflatable look relatively smart.

14. Go bananas for this Minion inflatable

Two Minions carrying giant candy cane Christmas inflatable

(Image credit: Gemmys)
(opens in new tab)

It's not the holiday season without the quintessentially Christmassy sight of a red and white striped, peppermint-flavored candy cane. 

But throw in some mischievous Minions, and it's a match made in a winter wonderland. This sweet Minions carrying candy cane scene (opens in new tab), from Gemmy, is available at Target.

15. Let this seasonal solider stand to attention

Hashtag Home Nutcracker Toy Soldier LED Lighted Christmas Inflatable

(Image credit: Hashtag Home)
(opens in new tab)

Add a regal edge to your front lawn with this inflatable 6-foot tall nutcracker toy soldier (opens in new tab)LED-lit outdoor air-blown Christmas inflatable, by Hashtag Home, available on Wayfair. He'll stand strong through whatever weather to watch over and protect your home.

But, if you are in the market for some proper guarding of your property over the Christmas period, our best home security systems can take care of your safety needs.

How to style Christmas inflatables

'Outdoor holiday decorations come in many shapes and varieties, from fun cartoon characters to your favorite Christmas decorations,' says Prusack.

'Here are a few quick tips to consider with outdoor decorations.'

'Theme: Do you have a theme that you're following? Having a theme is an easy way to make sure that your decorations don’t clash. Nothing can disrupt the harmony of your scene like figures that just don't work together.'

'For example, a large silly cartoon character wouldn't look so great placed next to a large nativity scene. You could choose a winter wonderland theme, wrapping your trees with lights and decorating your yard with snowmen and snowflakes. Another example could be Santa's workshop. With this, you could have Santa, reindeer, and even presents underneath one of your trees! The possibilities are endless.'

'Spacing: Since outdoor figurines tend to use a lot of space, it can be helpful to take measurements and plan your layout ahead of time. A cluttered yard is not a particularly attractive one, but this can be avoided with a little forethought.'

'A great tip is to arrange your decorations to vary in size, using both larger and smaller figures to create the look you want.'

How to keep Christmas inflatables from blowing away?

'You may think that the location of your inflatables doesn’t matter,' says Prusack.

'However, if you want to avoid chasing after them on windy days, you may want to consider where you place them. If possible, it’s better to place them on flat ground giving them a proper foundation. Another note to keep in mind is to avoid placing them out in the open. Objects that are placed next to walls or trees will tend to receive less of the gusty winds.'

'A simple and easy way to hold down any outdoor inflatable is using bags filled with sand or gravel. It is recommended that you use two or three bags to properly secure your decorations. When you fill your bags, make sure you don’t overfill them as they need to fit in the access hole of the inflatable. Once they are filled, tie them tight, making sure none of the sand or gravel will pour out. As you place these into the inflatables, be very careful as you put them through the access hole and onto the base. To keep it secure, spread the bags out evenly.'

'Another fairly simple way to secure your inflatables is to use twine. Simply take the twine and wrap it around the inflatable at about mid-height, and tie the twine around a smooth column surface like a fence post or railing. If your decoration isn’t near a fence or your front porch, we recommend taking wooden stakes and placing them on either side of the inflatable. You now have the object needed to tie the twine around. When wrapping the twine around the inflatable, make sure not to tie it too tightly as it may cause damage. As you tie the twine around your column or wooden stakes, it’s important to do at least one full loop for the security you want.'

'An effective way to keep those inflatable decorations secured in the ground is by using stakes. The majority of inflatable decorations have a wide base that includes holes for stakes. Take a few small lawn stakes and pound them into the ground as far as possible. If your inflatable doesn’t have an area for you to place these stakes, you can wrap a thin rope around your inflatable. When doing this, wrap the rope about mid-height and tie it to the stakes in the ground. Don’t wrap the rope too tight, and when stretching the rope to the ground, make sure it doesn’t stretch your inflatable backward.'

'One last way to keep those inflatables secured throughout the holiday season is by using a metal chain lock. Feed the chain lock through the light socket opening in the back of your decoration and connect it to a stake in the ground. This will require you to have a metal or plastic stake placed directly behind your blow mold. Once the metal chain lock is connected to the stake, pound it in the ground as far as possible. This, combined with the sand or gravel bags inside of the decorations provide more anchorage.'

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