The new Drew Barrymore coffee maker is heading to our kitchen counters ASAP

Cheers to the new Drew Barrymore coffee maker, a single-serve, customizable experience with great features and good looks

Drew Barrymore coffee maker, single-serve, in green, with the actor putting beans in it in an eclectic kitchen filled with her beautiful line
(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew Barrymore)

Winter mornings are rough, but the newly released Drew Barrymore coffee maker has convinced us not to hit snooze. 

With a customizable cup of hot Joe at the ready, we're willing to put up with grey, gloomy skies first thing in the morning. Plus, the calming colors of Drew's debut kitchen appliance will give any counter a pop of personality. 

If you need a little assistance for those winter wake-up calls, here's why Drew's new  small coffee maker should make its way into your shopping cart.

What we know about the new Drew Barrymore coffee maker

If you're brewing solo, the original Beautiful by Drew Barrymore coffee maker, which makes 14 cups, might not be necessary. But there's a lot to love about the new Beautiful Perfect Grind Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker, a delightful addition to any small kitchen

Let's start with the obvious: this coffee maker is a social media dream in all of its sleek glory and lovely shades: Sage Green, Cornflower Blue, White Icing, and Black Sesame. And the coffee will taste as good as the single-serve coffee maker looks thanks to its features. 

You can have your morning java hot, or if you're a fan of iced coffee makers, double up with this small kitchen appliance. Drew's coffee maker offers use of whole beans or grounds (though it looks like a pod coffee maker), in three different strengths (regular, bold, over ice), and six different sizes. 

We love that it's programmable, has a reusable filter, and utilizes Exact-Xtract technology to draw out twice as much flavor as the best Keurig coffee makers on the market. That's certainly a lot for a little machine, don't you think?

*Formal review to come*

Even if you're an early bird and still need a caffeinated pick-me-up, this machine is ready to do the honors. And with a bit of elbow grease, savvy coffee maker cleaning hacks will keep your favorite drink tasting as good as it can.

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