Amazon's pest control bestsellers will keep your house bug-free all summer long

Check out Amazon's bestselling pest control products to help keep roaches, ants, and more under control this summer

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Banish creepy crawlies with Amazon's pest control bestsellers. These top-rated home products will help combat everything from roaches to ants and more.

I trolled through hundreds of pages on Amazon to pick out the best-selling products that really work to get rid of those bags once and for all. I found sprays, traps, and more that receive thousands of highly-rated reviews from customers dealing with pest issues.

My top picks are all great prices, but if you do want to save even more money, it's worth keeping an eye out for Amazon sales events.

Amazon's pest control bestsellers

As the months start to warm up, you may have noticed bugs coming into your home. While it's never nice to have to combat these pests, the first step in getting rid of them is to know what you're working with. Once you identify the bugs in your home, you can make a B-line to Amazon to snag the appropriate solution. 

Why Amazon? They have hundreds of options when it comes to pest control products, with everything from electric lanterns to sticky traps. I took a look at Amazon's bestsellers — an award brands can't pay for — to find the best of the bunch.

Check out the Amazon pest-control bestsellers, highly rated by shoppers. You'll be able to get rid of bugs for the summer in no time.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

Amazon's #1 bestseller

When looking for things that repel pests, you're best bet is to start off with highly-rated products to know they really work. Snagging the top pick of the bunch is a great way to avoid making any pest control mistakes, like misusing traps.

So who's the star of the show? Amazon's number-one bestseller in pest control products is the Zevo Flying Insect Trap with over 100,000 purchased in the past month. That's a lot of dead flies! 

The frying insect trap works by plugging it into an outlet, attracting flies to the specially designed blue and UV light. They then get caught on the sticky tape inside the trap. 

With over 23,000 ratings, shoppers praise the subtle appearance, easy assembly, and how well it works. "I bought these and it works really well. The blue light base lures the pests in and the sticky pad captures them without me having to worry about randomly walking into or onto a sticky mess," says one shopper in a review.

More Amazon pest control bestsellers

There's plenty more pest control where that came from. Trying to get rid of ants in your kitchen? Set some liquid ant bait traps to eliminate the entire colony. Maybe you're eliminating cockroaches from the nooks and crannies around the house. You're going to need a super-powered spray to kill them on contact. 

Whatever your pest problem is, I have curated brilliant Amazon solutions to help you quickly to banish those bugs. Here are some other top-ranking products loved by customers, with great reviews and buyer ratings.

Have pests taken over your backyard? We found an Amazon backyard bug spray to fight off mosquitos, ticks, carpenter ants, earwigs, lady beetles, and more. It's approved by gardening experts for clearing up the whole yard. Your home will be pest-free inside and out in no time.

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