7 reasons why you need a Kindle in lockdown – and beyond

Wondering if you need a Kindle in your life right now? We LOVE 'em! They'll save you time and money – plus there are loads more good reasons to buy now...

Reasons why you need a Kindle
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There are so many reasons why you need a Kindle in your life during lockdown and beyond... we barely know where to start. There's no other way to pass time, free of guilt and boredom like reading a book. However, there just has to be a better way to satisfy our inner bookworms than the arm-cramping, eye-squinting, page-crumpling, pocket-rinsing affair that is reading paperback books. Trust us, once you try a Kindle, you'll NEVER look back. 

So, here are seven reasons why you should opt for a Kindle to carry you from quarantine and beyond... life is about to get a whole lot easier. See all the best deals on Kindles below. And don't miss The Hub, our jargon-free home tech page.

1. Got a Kindle? You don't have to go to the shops for books

Yes! We're in favour of supporting our local bookshops, but right now, popping to the shops to fan through the pages of the next novel on your list isn't an option. What's more, in everyday life it isn't always easy to navigate a bookstore and find inspiration unless you've got hours to kill. 

A Kindle is the perfect solution to this dilemma as not only do you download books straight from your device (at a fraction of the price), but the home page for the Kindle store will serve you with a ton of inspiration and suggestions, from readable to Audible. 

2. Kindle downloads are often cheaper than paperbacks

We get it, the price looks steep compared to ordering a paperback copy for under a tenner, but the investment will have you saving so much time and dosh in the long-run you'll be kicking yourself for taking so long! If you're looking to grab a Kindle on a budget, there are cheaper models that will tickle your fancy, such as this Kindle with built-in front light at just £69.99 on Amazon right now! Beyond that, downloading Kindle books from Amazon costs pennies and there are always great deals on (you can even get some books for free!), especially if you become an Amazon Prime member.

3. A Kindle's easily transportable whether you're on hols or the daily commute (when life goes back to normal)

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A myth that we're here to bust is that buying an E-book means constant charging or risk of running out of juice mid-read. Get this: Kindles actually offer a minimum of over 30 days of battery life before they need to be charged. 

Plus they're so light and slim and super easy to carry compared to books, whether you're packing a work bag or a suitcase. Plus, many are fitted with a screen that adapts to the lighting of your environment, making it easy to read, wherever you are. 

4. You can download the Kindle app to read on your phone

A handy little feature of the Kindle is that its forward thinking tech, linked with an app, meaning it's compatible with other devices, such as your smart phone. Don't you just hate leaving for work and realising you've forgotten your book?! Let's be honest, you've never forgotten your phone, have you..?

5. Prefer to listen? Kindle Audible is here for you...

Kindle Audible is kind of a life saver because it means that when you're reading a page-turner that you just can't put down... driving, walking and running needn't stop you. Just download the Kindle app on your phone and purchase an audible book (at a super low price) and you'll be getting through more books than you ever knew you could. Brilliant for dyslexic kids, too, in our experience.

6. You can try a book sample for free on Kindle

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We're kind of obsessed with this feature because as much as we believe in sticking it out till the end, sometimes a mediocre book doesn't warrant the pennies spent. For this reason, we're so grateful that Kindle allows you to download a free sample of any book, so you can try before you buy (without the judging looks from the bookshop salesperson). 

 7. Some Kindles have access to the internet and games

While Kindles are a fantastic choice for adults (with adjustable font size to minimise our squinting), they're also a brilliant gift for kids. Tablets and laptops can be extremely pricey but that doesn't stop kids from begging for them every birthday... so, how about this fab alternative that allows you to download games for your kids, helpful for playtime and educational purposes? Note that this is only certain models, usually the newer Kindle models. 

Oh, and Kindle also offers a tablet model at a great price: such as the Fire 7 Tablet, £39.99, Fire HD 8 Tablet down from £79.99 to £44.99 and the Fire HD 10 Tablet, £149.99. 

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