7 craft ideas to try while in social isolation

Looking for a productive way to spend your time indoors? Here are some easy craft ideas to take up right now

6 craft ideas to try while in social isolation
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Looking for some easy craft ideas? Of course you are because this self isolation thing/social distancing is proving more tricky than first imagined. Who knew that spending time at home could be so... hard? But fear not, because we know loads of you are using this time to be productive and start projects you have said for ages you want to get into. So we have rounded up a few easy crafts and ideas that will help you while away the hours and leave you feeling positive and productive.

If you are after more craft ideas make sure you check out our hub page. 

1. Learn how to cross stitch

Cross stitch

(Image credit: Etsy)

Yep cross stitch is cool now. And you can get some really lovely kits from places like Etsy and Not on the High Street. It's relativity easy to learn too and really relaxing once you get into. We love this little spring pattern, it would look so cute wall-mounted once you have finished.  

2. Start your own sourdough culture 

how to make soda bread: a loaf of soda bread with raisins on a chopping board

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Not sure this would technically count as a craft but we've seen loads of people getting into bread making over the last week. How wholesome. So if you want to jump on the bandwagon might we suggest starting a sourdough culture. It's really easy. Find a clean empty jar and pour in 75g of flour, it can be plain flour, wholewheat flour, rye, whatever you fancy. Then pour in 75ml of warm water. Stir it and leave in a warm place. Each day add 75g of flour and 75ml of water. After a few days you will start to see bubbles. You can use it as soon as this happens but the flavour won't be as strong. After a week is good, you can move it to the fridge now too until you want to add it to your baking. 

3. Try bead work to totally relax

If you have never tried beading before, let us tell you, it is the most relaxing craft. You can make some really lovely jewellery too that you might actually want to wear. Again Etsy have loads of kits to get you started. You can buy beads on Amazon too once you feel confident enough to start making your own creations.  

4. Crochet or knit some cute clothes  

Wool and the gang

(Image credit: Wool and the gang )

Imagine when we are out of all this and you can swan outside wearing a cute crochet jumper and everyone is like 'Oooooh where did you get that?' 'I made it my friends, I made it.' Wool and the Gang have loads of great kits that result in very stylish, not at all grannyish clothes. 

5. Or knit a stylish chunky blanket 

How to knit a chunky blanket using arm knitting

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

Chunky knit blankets are still a massive trend and you can really easily knit your own. Ever heard of arm knitting? It's really quick to learn and you don't need any needles, just some chunky wool and well... your arm. You can have a blanket finished in just three hours too – check out our guide to how to knit a chunky blanket to get started.

6. Jump on the macrame trend 

Aldi offers of the week

(Image credit: Aldi)

Macrame has been taking Instagram by storm over the last year or so. You can't scroll through without seeing some cool retro living room complete with macrame wall hanging and plant pot holder. It's a really easy craft to master too, far easier than knitting, just head to our guide to how to macrame to get started. 

7. Try painting by numbers 

Painting by numbers kit

(Image credit: Etsy )

Yes, painting by numbers can be an adult activity too! There are loads of lovely books available that are filled with prints that would be great to frame after you have finished. Painting is such a relaxed way to spend your time and take your mind off everything that is going on in the world. We love this kit from Etsy, easy to do and very chic.

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