5 reasons why you REALLY need a mattress protector (new mattress or not)

You might think it's an up-sell, but a mattress protector is a must-have for new mattresses – and for old ones, too

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Thought a mattress protector was an optional extra? Thought an extra sheet can do the job? Nope... There are so many reasons why you need a mattress protector for your mattress, new or not, and some might just surprise you. 

Don't believe us? Read on to find out how you can protect not just your mattress but yourself from a whole range of icky stuff with a mattress protector.

1. A mattress protector protects you from germs and allergies

The horrifying but true fact is that you are not alone in bed (and we’re not referring to your snoring partner). Your mattress quickly becomes home to bacteria (hence the musty smell), and who wants to be up close and personal with bacteria? A mattress protector is a washable extra barrier between you and your uninvited, unwanted lodgers.

2. A mattress protector will protect you from allergies

If you or your loved ones have allergies caused by dust mites (feeling a sneeze or itch coming on?) – and that’s at least 12 million Britons, according to a report by Allergy UK (opens in new tab) – a mattress protector can make the bed less hospitable to the mites. So, that’s not only a relief from the ‘yuck’ factor we discussed above, but also from the symptoms of allergy. Even better, you can wash a mattress protector to get rid of dust mites – can't say the same for mattresses.

3. A mattress protector will lengthen your mattress's life

You’ve thought about firmness, the position you prefer to sleep in, what sort of filling you favour, and chosen the best mattress for you, and now you want the maximum lifespan from your purchase. A mattress protector will prevent wear to the cover, keeping the mattress itself looking and feeling (and smelling) new.

4. A mattress protector will protect the warranty of the mattress

Yes, one more thing you need to think about after buying a mattress – the warranty. Staining a mattress and invalidates the warranty. Add a mattress protector and you’ll keep it clean, and the warranty valid. Simple – and especially important if you're trying out a new mattress on a 100-night trial and may want to return it.

5. A mattress protector boosts comfort

Perfectly suited to you though your mattress may be, that’s not to say your bed couldn’t be even more comfortable. Mattress covers can include layers that up the luxury and solve sleep-disturbing problems. If you’re inclined to overheat at night, the Casper mattress protector (opens in new tab) is designed with microscopic pores to let air in and stop sweatiness. Extra cushioning required? The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector (opens in new tab) delivers on comfort. 

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