3 reasons to choose Venetian blinds to dress any window in your home

Looking for a practical (but still pretty) window treatment? Swift Venetian blinds are the perfect option!

Swift Blinds
(Image credit: Swift Blinds)

If you are on the hunt for the best window treatment for any and every room in your home, your search is over. Finally! Venetian blinds are such a practical choice wherever you want to put them, they aren’t super expensive and they look really stylish too. They almost give a similar effect to shutters, which we know can get expensive, so Venetian blinds are the perfect option. 

Swift Direct Blinds have so much choice too, you can pick between wood effect or aluminum depending on the look you are going for, there’s every colour you can think of available and are all made to measure. So, if you need some help choosing the right Venetian blind (or convincing they are right for your space) then just keep on reading…

1. Venetian blinds will work in any room all year round 

Swift Blinds

(Image credit: Swift Blinds)

Our favourite thing about Venetian blinds is that they are so versatile, they will work in literally any room. In a bathroom they work because they aren’t too bulky and can cope with moisture. They also can add privacy to a living room or bedroom and you could always soften the look in these rooms by hanging a curtain over the top too. They are also the ideal choice for conservatories. 

Swift Venetian blinds are made to measure so will perfectly fit your window no matter how awkward the size and shape. This makes them a great window dressing option all year round – they help considerably with insulation and reducing drafts in the winter and in the summer can keep heat and strong sunlight out. 

2. They are designed to perfectly fit your window

With Swift you can pick between either Perfect Fit or Neat Fit. Perfect Fit comes with an aluminum frame that clips directly onto the window frame, no drilling needed and really easy to do yourself. Neat Fit also clip directly onto the window and sit flush to the glass. These blinds don’t come in framework though, they have a header and footer rail that clip under the glass for a really seamless finish.  

3. You can find a Venetian blind to suit your style

Swift Blinds

(Image credit: Swift Blinds)

Swift’s wooden blinds come in so many colours and you can choose between aluminum or wood effect, whichever will suit your space and lifestyle best. 

If you are after a clean, minimalist look, we would suggest going for a white blind that will fit really seamlessly into your space. The Verona 25mm Pure White Aluminium Venetian would work perfectly and is a really affordable option with prices starting from just £7.99. If you are after a warmer look, check out all the wood effect options – they look really realistic, but obviously still have all the benefits of being aluminum, so fine to use in a bathroom or behind a kitchen sink for example. Then there are all the coloured options too – perfect for adding a pop of something bolder, and would be a great choice for a kid’s bedroom or a playroom. 

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