2019's hottest Christmas decoration trend? Beardy Christmas security guard gnomes. Yup. Don't. Be. Without. One

Eyeless, beardy gnomes are this year's Christmas decoration must-have. Which is the best and what on earth are they for? We investigate...

Christmas gnomes
(Image credit: Amazon)

Right, this is serious. A Christmas decoration trend has snuck right under the radar and has only been picked up because Realhomes.com's dogged staff surf the interweb day and night in search of the weird, the wonderful and the wacky and, occasionally, stumble (quite literally) across a combination of all three after a jar or two of the strong stuff.

Last night's trend discovery? The beardy, round-nosed, seemingly blind, pointy-hatted Christmas gnome. Inspired by Smurfs? Maybe. Tolkien-leaning? Possibly. Strangely more-ish? Definitely. We want.

There are no doubt many of these little guys lurking in all our favourite shops' Christmas departments... but these are the three that have chosen to show themselves to us so far. And, in searching for them, we got to the bottom of the role they really play in Christmas. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

And if you've found a small, beardy bloke hanging about a Christmas department (not you, Colin), let us know. Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. 

1. Ikea's Vinterfest Santa Claus decoration, £4.50

Gnome Christmas decoration

(Image credit: Ikea)

Name: Vinterfest Santa Decoration (opens in new tab). Come on, Ikea, you could have given him a cute Swedish name. Nikolas... at the very least.

Vital statistics: 32cm tall. Awwww.

What he's made of: 100% polyester/100% polyethylene. Not a natural, Santa, then.

What they say: 'The product is not a toy.' We should hope not. 

2. Lidl's Melinera Christmas Gnome, £12.99

Gnome Christmas decoration

(Image credit: Lidl)

Name: Melinera Christmas Gnome. Sounds Italian. Exotic.

Vital statistics: Choose from: W25cm x D23cm x H76cm. OMG he's MASSIVE!

What he's made of: Lidl is not forth-coming.

What they say: 'Free-standing, with firm base and sand filling'. Let's hope so, you wouldn't want him falling on a small child.

3. Amazon's Swedish Santa Gnome, £2.89

Gnome Christmas decoration

(Image credit: Newwyt at Amazon)

Name: Gnome, also known as a Tomte or Nisse, is originally designed by Swedish artist. Each one is individually handmade with lots of love!

Vital statistics: 11cm x 19cm.

What he's made of: non-woven fabric plush. We're not sure what that means.

What they say: 'A weighted bottom makes him able to stand on his own.' We know the feeling. And, 'according to Scandinavian folklore, he is elderly, with a long beard. The Tomte is reputed to safeguard the farms, family and children, particularly at night.'

Now we get it! He's a Christmas security guard!

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