Small entryway table decor ideas — 5 quick ways to take this space from boring to beautiful

Add extra sparkle to your surfaces with these small entryway table decor ideas

Small entryway table decor ideas will elevate your space. Here are three pictures of these - one of a green tray, one of a brass dog lamp, and one of a plant next to a photo frame
(Image credit: Casa by JJ / Anthropologie)

If your hallway is missing that certain something, small entryway table decor ideas could be the key to unlocking dreamy style. Adding these will show off your personality and make the space extra inviting for guests.

We've spoken with interior designers who are maestros in finishing touches and found out exactly how they bring their small entryway tables to life. From ambient lighting to sensational candles, there's so many easy ways to add flair.

When looking for small entryway ideas, consider the finer details to make your space pop. These are just as important as big-ticket choices such as paint and furniture.

Small entryway table decor ideas

Whether you're full-on decorating your small entryway or have guests over soon and want to make the best impression, these ideas will welcome one and all with chic.

As well as expert tips, our shopping experts have teased out great matching buys to help give your small entryway that polished look.

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1. Add a tray

A green tray with paper, candles, and decor on it, with a leopard statue next to it

(Image credit: Casa by JJ)

If you’ve ever had a panicky moment of trying to find something essential before rushing out the door, this one's for you.

“I typically have a tray, like marble or silver, as this forever erases the quest to find keys or glasses,” says Eryn Oruncak, interior designer and founder of Elan Design.

A picture of Eryn Oruncak, a blonde woman wearing a black top
Eryn Oruncak

Eryn Oruncak is the founder, fine artist, and interior designer of Elan Design. She's known for her presentation of fine art paintings, refined details, and evocative spaces. 

She continues, “It supports an ease of motion when entering and leaving the home.”

Going for an eye-catching tray like Eryn suggests will make it easy to utilize and to spot when you’re in a hurry.

2. Brighten it up with a lamp

A bronze gold table lamp on a wooden table with a green wall

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

If you’re renting and can’t hang wall sconces on your walls, adding small entryway lighting to your table will allow you to brighten up the room without upsetting your landlord.

“Install a lamp on the table to add warm ambient light and create a cozy atmosphere during evenings,” says Daniella Menachemson, interior designer and founder of StyleNations.

A picture of Daniella Menachemson in a white t-shirt, jeans, and a hat, sitting in a wicker chair
Daniella Menachemson

Daniella Menachemson is an interior designer, supplier, and manufacturer of custom furniture at StyleNations. She specializes in designing, sourcing and manufacturing furniture for hospitality venues.

For those who aren’t working with a narrow entryway, you can bring some height into this. Eryn adds, “You want solid illumination in an entryway, so bring the light source up to eye level. A tall table lamp or buffet lamp serves well.”

Just make sure the switch is easily accessible, so you can turn it on and off comfortably throughout the day.

3. Refresh it for the seasons

Two pink twisted tall candlesticks, on a wooden table with plants in the background. Ambiance is dark and moody

(Image credit: Webb & Grey)

Whether you’re hosting regularly or not, refreshing your small entryway table decor with seasonal updates will give it a hotel-style finish. "I like refreshing the look with new decorative accents, flowers, or scented candles,” Daniella explains.

In terms of candles, think of fresh floral scents for spring, juicy fruity scents for summer, and sweet and spicy scents for fall and winter. 

We also like to use reed diffusers in our entryways, as they don’t require much maintenance, which is always a win. No matter which of these elements you choose, adding one or more will make your small entryway look — or smell — expensive.

4. Place down a plant or two

Leafy plants in white and pink plant pots on a wooden table, with a soft, thin, white muslin cloth draped over half

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

Harness the power of natural elements in your entryway by adding a touch of greenery to your table. “An indoor plant or some fresh blooms bring a splash of color and life to the entrance,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

Even if you’re working with an apartment entryway without much space, you can add a succulent or mini cactus. We also love using air-purifying plants in our entryways, as they keep the space — often filled with muddy outerwear and odorful shoes — feeling fresh naturally.

5. Decorate with a personal touch

An entryway with a rattan table with plants and a photo frame on it featuring a black and white image of a sleeping baby with a parent's hands around head and arm, with a palm tree wallpaper in the background

(Image credit: Casa by JJ)

This is the area guests enter first, making it the perfect place to introduce pieces of yourself and your family. Daniella says, “Display family photos, art prints, or sentimental keepsakes to express your personality and style.”

“Mementos special to you will make the space feel warm and lived-in,” adds Artem.

These will prevent the entryway from feeling like a separate entity to the rest of your home, and helping it feel as inviting as possible.

You may think these improvements are small — but by adding a few of them to your small entryway table, you can really switch up the vibe of this room. “Intentional decisions make a big impact when decorating a home, especially for small spaces,” Eryn finishes by saying.

For those wanting to elevate their hallways even more, it’s time to get styling upwards with these small entryway wall decor ideas.

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