7 small bathroom sink ideas that will make a serious splash — designers say to "go for bold design choices"

Interior pros spill their go-to small bathroom sink ideas and encourage you to be brave with design

Small bathroom sink ideas are so chic. Here is a small bathroom with a light wooden floating vanity with a silver faucet, light blue splashback tiles, a white wall with a silver cabinet above it
(Image credit: Drench)

Small bathroom sink ideas are an absolute must in this space. At a bare minimum, all small bathrooms need to have one of these so you and your guests can freshen up.

For those in need of some sparkling inspiration, we've asked interior designers what they do to fit this feature into even the teeniest of spaces and how they style them. Corner sinks, floating vanities, and minimal decor are all tips they agree on.

When it comes to searching for small bathroom ideas, it can be easy to get carried away with finishing touches. Making the essentials shine is just as important in this space, though.

Beautiful small bathroom sink ideas

These will all work by themselves and some will also work as small bathroom vanity ideas.

Our experts have suggested useful products to help you get the look throughout, which we have curated matching picks wherever possible.

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1. Go wall-mounted

A small bathroom with a black wall-mounted sink with a gold faucet, light pink splashback tiles, and a black wall above it with a circular mirror above it

(Image credit: Drench)

Keep your floor space as clear as possible by bringing in a sink that hangs from the wall.

“Installing wall-mounted sinks is not just a modern and sleek choice; it frees up valuable square footage for storage or movement,” explains Pam Hutter, design expert and principal of Hutter Architects.

You can either contrast these against your small bathroom splashback like the picture above (the Swiss Madison Bathroom Sink from Walmart will help you achieve a similar look) or pick one that blends seamlessly.

2. Install fabulous floating vanities

A small bathroom with pink and white leaf wallpaper on the walls, a rectangular mirror, a wooden vanity sink, white tiles and a toilet, and wooden herringbone flooring

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

If you want to enhance how much your small bathroom sink space works for you, you may want to add a fabulous floating vanity.

“These elevated units expose more floor space, making the bathroom appear larger,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Incorporating built-in small bathroom storage around the sink area, with hidden compartments for toiletries and essentials, will result in a clutter-free environment, streamlining the space's look and feel,” Pam adds.

We like the Elecwish Bathroom Vanity from Walmart, as it has plenty of small bathroom storage space and is very versatile.

3. Choose a corner sink

A bathroom with green shiplap paneling, a white corner sink with a purple towel on it, a corner kitchen cabinet and a gold and white wall art print on the wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Even if you’re stuck with a super tiny small bathroom, sinks can still be added in. Corner sinks are a brilliant way to maximize space in a small bathroom.

“This strategic placement opens up the central area of the bathroom, making it feel less cramped,” Nina says.

She recommends pairing a simple corner sink (The Renovators Supply Corner Sink from Wayfair is seriously budget-friendly) with a compact vanity or shelving unit for added storage without sacrificing style or floor space.

4. Pick reflective mirrors and cabinets

A small bathroom with a light wooden floating vanity with a silver faucet, light blue splashback tiles, a white wall with a silver cabinet above it, and a shower with pink and blue mosaic tiles

(Image credit: Drench)

It’s always useful to have a mirror to double-check you haven’t got toothpaste on your face or that your hair isn’t askew. This is ideally positioned above a sink in a small bathroom.

“In one particular home renovation, we positioned a large, framed mirror above the small sink and across from a window,” explains Pam. “This not only amplified natural light but also visually doubled the room's size, mitigating the cramped feeling often associated with smaller bathrooms.”

Alternatively, Nina says you can opt for mirrored cabinets with built-in storage (the Orren Ellis Medicine Cabinet from Wayfair also has built-in lighting) to increase functionality.

5. Add va-va-voom with a vessel sink

A white vessel sink on top of a white vanity unit, with a dark blue splashback with a gold faucet behind it

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

Curved shapes always look seriously elegant, and in smaller spaces, vessel sinks can add a focal point while conserving space.

Nina explains, “Introduce personality with a vessel sink atop a compact vanity. They come in a myriad of materials and colors, allowing you to infuse your space with creativity.”

They also don’t need to be expensive either, as the Costway Oval Ceramic Sink from Walmart proves.

6. Install lovely lighting around it

A small bathroom with a wooden standing sink with a marble counter, a mirror and two wall sconces above it, a shower with two gold shower heads, and a wooden door opening up to the room

(Image credit: House Nine Design / Jojo's Homes / Joey Kendall Brown)

Give your washroom a glow-up by bringing in beautiful lighting, which will brighten up any small bathroom.

Nina explains, “Avoid harsh overhead lights and opt for soft, layered small bathroom lighting. Incorporate sconces, under-cabinet lights, or backlit mirrors to enhance ambiance and functionality.”

“Through targeted lighting above the sink, you can enhance the ambient light, making the bathroom more welcoming,” explains Nick Chatzigeorgakis, design expert and CEO of Intrabuild.

7. Keep decor simple

A small bathroom with a dark green wall and a dark blue wall, and a white rectangular mirror and a white sink on a light wooden shelf with a gray storage basket below it

(Image credit: Rebekah Westover)

We know how easy it can be to want to throw every piece of decor into your space — but for small bathrooms, keeping the area as clean as possible is one of the best things you can do.

Nina says, “Just choose a few statement pieces such as decorative indoor plants and stylish hand towels.”

“Keeping the decor minimal will allow you to go for bold design choices without overwhelming the space,” adds Samantha Lund, creative director and CEO of Simply Sam Designs.

We’re eyeing up the Maeve Scalloped Bath Towels from Anthropologie, which will look great rolled up or folded.

Whether you go for a whole new design or restyle what you already have, these small bathroom sink ideas will come in useful.

“Let your imagination flow, and watch as your sink becomes the highlight of this room,” Nina finishes by saying.

If your space needs more than just a sink zhuzh up, you can also dive into small bathroom upgrades.

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