Nursery ideas for twins – 10 designs that embrace both babies

The loveliest nursery ideas for twins will make decorating for your two new family additions a total breeze.

Twin nursery ideas by Taylor Follett with rust orange canopies
(Image credit: @thetaylorstyle_)

Looking for nursery room ideas for twins? Congratulations are definitely in order. But while designing a sleep space for one child can be a challenge in itself – you've now got double the fun.

Don't fret, as with some clever thinking and creative design, your favorite nursery ideas can easily be adapted to suit both new arrivals. 

Though deciding on a color scheme, selecting cribs or bassinets and accessorizing the space may not all happen in one go, building a nursery for twin siblings is an exciting experience which should be embraced. Starting early with your design plans means you have time to properly evaluate the space and how it will be used.

Knowing you're having same-sex twins can make it easy to reach for the classics but there are lots of fun, functional and adorable designs out there to help you pull a modern look together perfectly.

1. Create a cute bohemian scheme with canopies

Twin nursery ideas by Taylor Follett with rust orange canopies

(Image credit: @thetaylorstyle_)

Tents, tipis and canopies are a massive trend in kids' bedroom ideas. Blocking out sunlight, and creating a cool and cozy atmosphere, they will keep your happy campers content.

We love the twin rust orange crib setup by Taylor Follett. The rich earthy tones of this material beautifully complement the sage green scalloped wall paint idea. Paired with an olive tree, it is a relaxing space to soothe little souls. 

2. Opt for a safari scheme with wall art and wallpaper

Twin nursery idea with floral wallpaper and framed wall art by Karlee Zacky

(Image credit: @__Karbrooke__)

Here, Karlee Zacky, combined a floral printed wallpaper design with framed wall decor ideas. We love the candid expression of Mr G. Raffe and his Koala companion.

Paired with plush soft toys and cushions, we imagine this is accommodation is much more comfier than a giant wooden boat!

By adding a mobile above each of the cribs, each child has a visual stimulus to concentrate on - perfect for if one wakes up earlier than the other!

And on that note, twin mum and home renovator, Emma Jane Lee says: 'Put the better sleeper further from the door so you can grab the other quickly when they wake up.'

3. Build in a window seat and bookshelf for comforting

Twin nursery design ideas by Ashli Delavan with reading window seat and bookshelf

(Image credit: @ashlidelavan)

Constantly picking up and nursing two children can play havoc on your hips and feet, so a window seat idea is ideal to alleviate strains and provide a bit of respite for mum and dad, as Ashli Delavan knows all too well.

Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having a sturdy place to sit to feed and wind down is essential for you and your brood. It also makes an impromptu changing station and best use of an awkward corner.

Be sure to keep the sunlight or street lights out of their eyes with a good children's room window treatment idea.

4. Go wild with an animal print rug design

Cream twin nursery design idea by Brittany Geffert with tiger striped rug

(Image credit: @brittany.geffert)

'I’m just so grateful for this room and the memories that fill its walls. The chandelier (that my husband didn’t think we needed), became their favorite thing to gaze at as babies, it would calm them every time.', says Brittany Geffert.

'That  Snuggle me organic lounger on the ottoman saved my life while I was nursing one baby at a time in that chair. And that chair. Ohhh the times that chair has seen.'

'From nursing, to rocking, pumping, reading, singing, tears, giggles, everything. Now, I sit in this chair and watch these two crawling and playing. Man what a difference a year can make.'

5. Create a dark and dramatic scheme with black paint

Black twin nursery design idea by Christina Quek-Slippy

(Image credit: @xxtinee)

Most nursery ideas for twins incorporate a soft pastel or white palette, but have you ever considered black bedroom decor? Soften the scheme with a good rug design and some shelves, like Christina Quek-Slippy has shown us on her Instagram page.

6. Soften a twin boy nursery with lots of texture

Blue twin nursery idea by Andrea Pion Pierre

(Image credit: @asliceopi)

Delicate furnishings and round shapes aren't just for girls! So if you don't fancy kitting out a twin boys nursery idea with brash primary colors or bland blue bedroom decor - incorporate lots of texture!

Think airy voile curtains, weaved baskets and rattan or bamboo furniture to create an organic space. We particularly love the cribs with their beaded detail design by Andrea Pion Pierre.

7. Create an out of this world celestial scheme

Twin nursery idea with planet celestial theme by

(Image credit:

Celebrate the element of science and discovery with a celestial space inspired by the galaxy. Just like twin mom Raihna Kaylor, filling it with stars, rockets, planets and more makes for an exciting finish. And the dark navy scheme will suit boy nurseries and baby girl nurseries alike. 

8. Add a patterned carpet design to disguise spills

Twin nursery with busy patterned carpet by @thejessstyle

(Image credit: @thejessstyle)

Nurseries can be messy spaces, but if you really really want a soft underfoot and play space, you simply can't beat the benefits of some types of carpets.

A busy pattern is great to disguise milk spills or whoopsies and we love the general mix of themes in this white bedroom design.

Remember that a nursery idea for twins doesn't have to follow a set trend. We love the mismatched design in this interior space. From a velvet art deco-inspired chair, Gothic arched wall hangings and a Boho footstool, the world is your (and their) oyster.

9. Texture up with sensory rugs

Twin girl nursery design by Little Guy Comfort

(Image credit: @littleguycomfort)

Twin nursery ideas are all about the accessories. And as you can see here, it only takes a few touches to elevate a white nursery space.

Starting off with two milk convertible 3-in-1 crib beds by Little Guy Comfort, the scheme was extenuated with a floral feature wall ideas, a lush lilac rug and two cute and coordinated faux sheepskin heart rugs by Kromer Carpets.

10. Keep things classic with a grey and white scheme

White and grey twin nursery ideas by Veronica King

(Image credit: @builderswife)

'This is a space in our home I planned very early on in the design stage. The room is about 3.3 x 3.5m with a wall of inbuilt joinery on one side.', says twin parents, Veronica King and Mark King - the latter whom set up construction company, King Homes NSW.

'The idea to put in the wall paneling was to have a slightly more traditional and calm feel in the room. The room comfortably fits their beds, a large chair and ottoman along with a dresser/change area.'

'Before we know it, our girls are 20 months old. I often get asked if they share a room, and I think they will continue for a little while until they get into their own big beds. But for now, we love that they see each other before they fall asleep, and are there together when they wake. Oh and the before nap antics are becoming hilarious!''

Want to know how to get the look? Start off with Dulux's paints in shades 'Dieskau' and 'White on White'. Next, order the twins custom names through an online independent retailer and finally decorate with wall stickers.

The marble table design with fresh flowers is a brave but luxurious move in this space for your little angels.

How do you make a room for twins?

Katie Thomas, founder of interior design company KTM Design provides useful when designing a nursery for twins. She says: 'Nurseries should include natural materials, so avoid harsh chemicals. Create a focal point and revolve your design around it, such as a ceiling design with stars.

'Boy’s and girl’s bedrooms can have zones to fit each child’s personality. Include fun wallpaper, and establish a color palette to achieve balance, with a neutral base, and one or two accent colors.'

'Polka dots are great for a gender-neutral nursery, and you can also add stylized animal prints. Opt for color schemes based on yellow or green instead of typical ‘girly pink’ or ‘boyish blue’ motifs.' 

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