This is how I'm styling my home to snap out of the January blues

Right in time for my birthday

Capricorn framed print with bunnytail grass in vase & glowing candle
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The winter blues are a thing and getting through the first month of the year can feel kinda tough. In the UK, there is even an entire day named to recognize the hardship that is January. It's un-affectionately dubbed Blue Monday, aka THE "most depressing day of the year," and it falls on the 16th of January, which just so happens to be the day before my birthday. A total party pooper amirite?

But as a proud and determined Capricorn, I am not going to let the stats get me down — this goat is kicking miserable feelings to the curb.

Just how you might ask? Well, as they say, happiness begins at home, and as a stylist, I'm going to be sprinkling some of my magic into each space of my "Bijou Burrow" (a cozy one-bedroom apartment). Think swift, simple, and pocket-friendly ideas that will not only refresh each space for January but also beat and banish those beastly winter blues. 

Whether you rent a tiny apartment like me or just want to add good vibes back into a bedroom or living room, let me inspire you to treat yourself and your nest.

1. Cozy up the kitchen with mugs

Artisan mug in earthy shades nested on terracotta colored quilts.

(Image credit: @mariantoro)

From dawn 'til yawn, nothing warms you up quite like a cup of coffee or tea, especially when it's Arctic temperatures out there. I'm forever adding to my eclectic mug collection with unique designs, and what I'd adore trying is a gorgeous mix-and-match "mug wall" display on hooks that doubles as a super cute small kitchen storage idea! So I'll need some new artisan cups to join the ceramics party, obviously.

2. Create an apartment picnic

Indoor picnic featuring fresh pink roses, grazing nibbles, gold cutlery and white plates styled in beautiful tablescape on low wooden picnic table, with plethora of floor cushions.

(Image credit: @picnic_soirees)

I'm an outdoorsy gal, but January birthdays don't exactly go hand-in-hand with a freezing, rain-drenched al fresco party vibe. So this year, I'll be bringing the spread indoors with a living room picnic overflowing with foraged grazing boards, squishy floor cushions, layered throws, twinkling staggered lanterns, fresh flowers, and favorite faces, of course. (Any excuse for a spot of tablescape styling and I'm there!)

Living room picnic with donut stacks, and rustic wood table piled with yummy treats, and dried florals on floor.

(Image credit: @thehighlandstore)

3. Refresh your bedding

Cozy, neutral bedroom scheme with relaxed linen layers and breakfast in bed tray

(Image credit: @hyggeligt_hjem_)

Birthday or no birthday, short dark days make hibernating in bed a thing. From snoozing to working from the comfort of your bed, our cozy bedrooms are the place to not be seen. So as another little birthday wish, I'm going to elevate my sleep sanctuary and actually invest in some quality bedding! (Is anyone else still using sheets that are way too old now?) I'm thinking relaxed, crumpled textures, scatter cushions aplenty, and a breakfast tray for those lazy weekends. Sweet dreams ARE made of this.

Inspirational adventure gallery wall idea in green living room.

(Image credit: Poster Store)

This girl likes an adventure. But it's January, a notoriously budget-sapped time, and the suitcases are staying put for now, boo. However, let's find that silver lining. It's the optimal time to bring the wanderlust vibes home and visualize the trips you do want to take this year with a gallery wall. No passport is required, only a passion for places and beautiful art prints.

5. Create a comfy reading nook

Cozy reading corner with comfy chair, woven pouffes and open shelving with books, in calm neutral and mono palette.

(Image credit: @indie.boho.nest)

I don't know about you, but I've got a ceiling-high stack of beautiful books (quite literally) that I love but never look at. Not anymore! I'm switching the iPhone to flight mode, adding the newbie boucle teddy rocking chair to my book nook, lighting my scented candles, and taking some time out to actually sit back and read.

6. Bubble-up with elevated bathing

Bath tray styled with glass of bubbles, natural sponge, shells and candle.

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Birthdays call for bubbles of every kind. Continuing the theme of both mindful and thrifty living, I've decided to up my daily shower/bath game. I've invested in a game-changing bath tray that I will be sprinkling with a little mermaid magic and all of my personal faves — a scented candle, shells, a fresh floral sprig (just because flowers spread smiles), delectable bath salts, and fizzy tipple.

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Holly loves working with creative minds and discovering fresh, indie brands, and is a firm believer that no home can have too many cushions, unruly blooms or decorative details of happy