How to refresh your space for January

Ring in 2023 with these refreshing home tips

a living room with colourful seating and plants
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The new year is finally upon us and it might be time for your space to undergo a major (or even minor) overhaul. From adding more colors to tidying up, there are many different ways you can start 2023 off with a bang. Taking January as an opportunity for a clean slate, you can completely refresh your home for the new year, without breaking your budget. Here are eight designer-approved tips to help you check off your new year's resolutions with style.

1. Rotate Your Decor

For Richard Misso, the creative director and founder of The Stylesmiths, refreshing your space can be as simple as rearranging the decor you already have in place. “You’ll be surprised with how easy it is to inject new life by simply rotating accessories,” Misso says. “You can even implement a seasonal rotation so your interior responds to warmer or cooler months.”

2. Color Your New Year

After your decor has been changed around, it might be a good idea to add a dash of color into your life, even if you prefer a more minimalist design. “Overall color is alive and well for braver tastes,” Misso says. “Uplifting brighter colors, such as rose pink, breezy blue, sunshine yellow, emerald, violet, and burnt orange instantly lift the mood teamed with graphic floral patterns and furniture in cloud-like forms.”

3. Minimalism Done Differently

Minimalist decor has been a popular way to design over the last decade but Misso’s 2023 approach to a more restrained design is injecting exciting colors and patterns. “The focus is on immersive color and the beauty of complex, structured patterns found in nature teamed with luxe textures, such as velvet and silk, furniture with exaggerated, curved silhouettes, abstract art, and décor pieces with organic shapes,” he says.

4. Get (More) Organized

For many of us, getting organized is always a January must. Identifying the part of your home that is the messiest (from your sock drawer to the entryway) can help you determine which areas might need a makeover. Part of the plan to create better organizational habits could be to let go of anything that doesn’t suit your space (or you) anymore. “Purge routinely and don’t hold onto things that have no value to you,” Misso advises. 

5. Create Better Habits

Better habits are the key to maintaining harmony in your home. Misso advises that in order stay organized throughout the year, you must put a plan in place. “Being organized is all about forming healthy habits,” he says. “Keep things simple, have a cleaning routine, for example: Wednesdays for a deep clean and weekends for a quick tidy up. Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place.”

6. Add Some Sustainability

Get eco-friendly by adding more sustainability in your home this year. One of the biggest ways we can work to lessen our footprint is by avoiding ‘fast furniture’. “Avoid fast fashion and fast furniture that tends to become landfill. Make purchases that are made well and made to last,” says Misso.

For those without the budget to purchase higher-quality furniture, Misso has a suggestion. “I suggest up-cycling, there are many great finds online for used furniture, artwork and accessories effectively reducing landfill whilst driving your budget further,” he says.

7. Bring The Natural World In Your Home

Another way to connect more with the Earth this year is by decorating using more Earthy natural colors. “There are also warm, earthy tones of moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddied yellow-green and burnt charcoal, that is all about our relationship with the great outdoors. It speaks of calm, comfort, and an honest approach to living,” Misso says.

8. Create A Space That Supports Your Goals

Many of us make goals and lists for the things we want to accomplish in the new year. Misso says that, if done right, a redecorated home could work to support those goals. “If your New Years resolution is to work more effectively, be a better cook or exercise more, then look to your home and see how you can respond to supporting your goals,” he says. “Sort out your kitchen cupboards so cooking becomes less of a hectic mess and more fun. Re-design or create a dedicated workplace so you can hit those home office goals and add some clever storage for easy access to your workout equipment.”

In the end, being authentic to ourselves is how we create changes that stick. “We tend to not be led by trends, instead seeking styles that are reflective of whom lives in the spaces we create. Fill your home with things that bring you joy,” Misso says.

Kate Santos

Hello! I’m Kate Santos, a writer and photographer based in Los Angeles. In the design world, I got my start working as an Editorial Intern for Dwell magazine in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve written about design and architecture in many national magazines and online publications, including Playboy, Hunker, and The Culture Trip.

I grew up in a very old house in North Carolina and am still influenced by the rustic, charming, antique and aged elements of a home. Sustainability and longevity is extremely important to me and I believe learning to reuse materials or purchasing items you’ll love forever goes a long way. I also lean towards the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi when designing my own home, embracing the perfectly imperfect items I can find.